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Thursday, February 13, 2014

"El Valiente" Trent Simpson's Entry for Northern CA 2014 Bacardi Legacy Cocktail National Competition: Feb 18th in Miami

"El Valiente"
Trent Simpson's Entry for Northern CA 2014 Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Regional Competition: Feb 10th at Bergerac, in San Francisco.

The cocktail I have created, "El Valiente" represents my legacy by defining all the characteristics that make up not only a good cocktail, but a great bartender as well. We need to be brave and daring, but have the audacity to make something bold that still maintains the integrity of what goes inside the glass and who serves it. All of these qualities have inspired me to be forever in legend and legacy, "El Valiente!"

Glassware: Old Fashioned (10oz)

Ice: Large Cube


1.5 part(s) Bacardi Superior / Smooth and Almond notes

1/2 part(s) Averna/ Herbaceous and Caramel

1/2 part(s) Dry Curaçao Pierre Ferrand/ Dry and Orange

1 part(s) Lime Juice/ Freshly Squeezed

1  part(s) Egg Whites/ Freshly Cracked

1 part(s) Bundaberg Ginger Beer/Carbonated, mildly sweet and somewhat spicy

In a mixing tin add all ingredients minus the ginger beer. Seal well and dry shake vigorously.  Add
ice and shake again, vigorously as well. Strain cocktail into Old Fashioned Glass containing Glass containing a large crystal clear ice cube. Carefully add ginger beer, garnish* and serve.

*Garnish: Carefully peel large twist of Valencia Orange with a channel knife or peeler. Express essences of citrus peel over the cocktail and form into twist. Then, insert delicately on cocktail so it rests on the ice, absorbs a little but of the foam, and hangs ever so slightly over the rim of the glass.

Inspiration: The inspiration for this cocktail comes from the character "El Valiente" from the Latin Bingo game, "Lotería." In imagining what this character would drink, I figured a seductive fizz with a decent amount of citrus and spice would be perfect. Bacardi Superior has a dry and subtle character that mingles with Averna and is accentuated with froth and citrus.  Just like this cocktail, "El Valiente" is brave and daring, refined and sweet, your best friend, or worst enemy depending on how you play your cards.

- Trent Simpson
San Francisco, CA

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