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Friday, November 02, 2012

Letter to Self: Start Blogging More: San Francisco, NOPA, Nov. 2 2012,

I have been absent for a while. I don't know why. I used to write in this blog, for fun, for me, without a theme while staying true to myself. I wrote it not like I didn't care if anyone would actually read it, but in case someone did, it might touch them in some way or another, even one person. That's how I used to write, for myself, and for others, if they chose to listen. I'm neither an advocate with a big mouth, nor a soft spoken person. However, I communicate by writing, and I haven't been communicating. So please, read write comment share, use smart phone to show your friends--anything..something! Something that makes them smile! Something that makes you laugh, something that you are passionate about in your true heart and soul.
I'm very lopsided when it comes to technology, but it is indeed a large part of my life, so why not utilize it for the world to see, that is if anyone is watching! I got a camera about six months ago, and finally uploaded the picture. From inside my NOPA living room to Bolinas to Russia and back I hope to write in a photo essay manner, a window into my soul. I love to travel and recently went to Russia. A land new to me, led around by the most gorgeous guide. I got to see a little piece of her, her history, her family and the area which she grew up in that led her to me. We also went mushroom hunting in her local forest, and scored big time! We hunted them, picked them and cooked them! So delicious! We also took a cat with us, Gagarin. Look for posts entitled, "1 (one) Cat to Russia," tying together the cat's escapades with our travels and fun stories.
Mushroom Hunting in Russia:
Also, on a more serious note, I want to dedicate the next lot of blog posts to my Aunt Carol, my cousins, Michelle, Nicole and Chris, my uncle Charlie, and all family and friends of Carol Simpson!
Can we all read it and remember about compassion , love, positivity, nature and who positive thoughts have a direct positive influence in the Universe? There was a place special to all of us "Simpson's: called the Crazy "S." I want to relive those memories, growing up there I hope you see this Carol and realize that yes, I went to Russia, foraged wild mushrooms in the countryside and ate them! Yep, I eat all sorts of different things now--so maybe I'll write about those things! If we can all direct our positivity towards Carol and her family we can provide the energy boost necessary to overcome and be able to laugh and play! I hope to rekindle some memories, bring back familiar scents and shed some love from San Francisco!