Heavenly Light

Heavenly Light
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Monday, April 16, 2012

Pisco on the Rocks

With the exuberance and joy of a six year old, I find myself tending bar at a burning man art warehouse also home to Oro Pisco. There exists a deflated bouncy castle and Ferris wheel full of skeletons, an intelligent light cube that distracts even the most focused of the dumbfounded attendees. Synchronicities and paradoxes shake hands and we all think to ourselves, "What the fuck." But the Ferris wheels of life often need a little lubrication as do our bouncy castles. We can often feel nestled within our comfortable domain, living and doing some routine bullshit, until one day you finally decide to break out of your radius, hop on a bus to nowhere and blow up with your own hot air an inflatable house of mystery for all to bounce on...

Verse Versus Verse

Verse I Devoid of public opinion larceny and slander, the once coveted member of society meticulously planned his immanent revenge. Held hostage by taxes and quarterly profits the lonely soul now became a vagabond on a voyage of a lifetime trying only to witness what some Buddhists call true suffering. For to witness and experience true suffering then one can really understand. Having employed evil and ridiculed Mignons for satire, his perturbed soul will look long and far for such misery--as they say though, misery finds company. ~Versus~ Verse II Avidly seeking a simple place in this world where a decent human, well educated and quite intuitive can robustly compromise the capitalist system. Amidst the dawn of a new era in innovation and technology, considered as a true people person. Dwelling on past experience of world travel and touching poverty--the trash filled dirt sifting through my hands, only to find treasure within true happiness, but alas, having it grab me by the balls, toss me around on a violent spin cycle and come out fresh, wrinkled and hung out to dry. Those close pins pinch, but the hot sun and the afternoon breeze gallivanting through those nimble threads dries up any pain and energizes the vigor to button up once again and trudge into the deep waters of the cravenness abyss we call life. With a scent of fresh spring in the end we all iron out the wrinkles of fate and irony and become once again fit to wear in public, strut our stuff, attend soirees and articulate profound dialogue to top cunning linguists about truth in life. Because life is about truth, and there inlays the truth--happiness.