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Heavenly Light
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Spiritual Place

Somewhere along the Big Sur coast along Highway 1, there is a little pull over gas station, a coffee shop. restaurant and a spiritual garden. The energy is good here, tucked away on the other side of the cliffs from the roaring Pacific Ocean. The cliffs, you took pictures of them at every pull-out along the Highway.
You saw the cows grazing in the glorious meadows that overlook the ocean, felt the breeze finally reaching shore after traveling through the trees, rustling the leaves in a forest in Siberia, down the planes of Mongolia that altered the breeze from the butterfly that flapped its wings.
This very wind, continues soaring through the Asian metropolises and across the endless ocean. It picks up speed as it reaches landfall, the waves crash along the shore and the breeze scurries up the cliff wall to pound you with the freshest air in the world as you exit your car door and scream a shriek of freedom, yeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Peace and Love from International Vagabond, California 2011-2012

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