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Heavenly Light
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

A little time off...Spiritualism..."Clarity at its finest..."

To all those forgotten blogs, blogposts and procrastinated individuals...This may be a letter to myself...So many blogs that I leave neglected with videos that don't fit the formatting of the page. broken links, misspellings, unedited articles, unmonitored crap, but does someone really stumble across this? And if so, what do they think, damn, this guy should have really controlled his thoughts more, or, damn this guy has some good thoughts here and there, too bad he can;t seem to develop his clarity.

Ahhh, clarity, so many professors told me to focus on my clarity. Concise.

What about conscience thought?

What about unconscious thought?

What about spiritual thoughts that manifest themselves through my words, on pages for all to see? Or for only me to see. In a form of unedited nonsensical patterns, words and phrases...lost in the digital world, its so cut and dry here, you have to speak its code for it to understand you correctly. But we have to embrace our world and this moment. Right now is truly the moment we are in, to think is to manifest energy into the Universe...from one energy to the next, evolving lifetimes, millions and billions of years, infinite travel, the Universe is all ABUNDANT and AROUND US! It is engulfing us in its infinite vortex!

The world is manifesting with protests, and awakenings happening at an alarming rate, but seriously, why did it take this long? The Earth is Evolving.

How the hell come isn't there renewable energy for all? How the hell come we can't all just get along?

Utopian ideas don;t work because power corrupts.

Does history repeat itself?

Do we learn from our mistakes?

Does anyone really know a TRUE history?

Tap into your collective energy and let history guide you through the present into a Beautiful Future!

Literature and Books!

Handwritten letters!

Poetry written in sand as the waves wash it up into its infinite depth as the tide slowly erases a distant memory, an insight to life expressed for the simple cause to live in the moment and let nature take its course.