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Heavenly Light
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Monday, December 06, 2010

Awesome vs. Awesome: New Music old artist favs with periods in their names...M.I.A. /\/\/\\//\vs N.E.R.D. Nothing

An attempt at a free
Flowing stream of iPhone conscientiousness...abridged due to loss of original...

Damn...blogging on an iPhone is a dangerous endeavor! I just lost a
Somewhat amazing post about the awesomeness factors of M.I.A. and her new album /\/\/\\//\ versus N.E.R.D. And their new album Nothing. Double clicked my start button and lost it all..."it takes a
Muscle (to fall in love)"

off the controversial and colorful MIA and "I See the Light" off of Pharrell's fresh new and if course dope new album. If you got 23 bucks cop 'em both and experience sound in 2010!

Ps...is punctuation dead with this whole iPhone predictive crap?!

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