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Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh Tens--A New Decade!

Its too hard not to reminisce...I saw a SF Examiner front page headline that read, "Best and worst music of the decade." For real?! 2000 was just 10 years ago?! Y2k, that was before the Twin Towers were hit, when all us "Academia Liberals" based Bush for not being as good of an "Education President" as he promised in his campaigns Yeah, a decade. It was probably not even a decade ago that VH1 premiered its first "I Love the 80's" and we all (or at least all of us 'Generation X and Y'ers") remembered how oddly exciting it was to grow up in such a "strange" time. Our parents lived during the Cold War and we were all taught to hate Communism, grow up and go to college and get a decent job...But as we all went to college, those disgruntled and mildly "Academically Liberal" professors taught us how to view the governmental system in a different light, or many different lights, some even being Socialism and heaven forbid...Communism! Politics are a slower representation that what the populous feels. It is then put into a bureaucratic system that defines laws according to the times. However, as we get further advanced, our laws stay put, old and outdated and in order to correct something, it takes years of litigation, lobbying, money and proper execution to actually put something into legislation. But alas, that is our system, and I am happy to be free, able to make my money and travel, study the politics of the world, be an ambassador to whatever or whoever you may encounter on a day to day basis. And to this, a decade marked by academia, travel, leisure and a step towards change, I salute thee 2000's and welcome the Tens--just try not to call next year "Oh Ten."

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