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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Manifest: Destiny :







"Manifest Destiny"
By Trent Hartman

Just sipped
Bad red wine.
Just touched
Dirty Damp Sock.
Like overpriced smog shops.
Like treading water beside thin ice.
Like artesian baskets woven for fair trade.
Like incompatible systems to Western Capitalism.
Like Exxon Valdez' offering green technology wisdom.
Like rebel forces into Capitalistic markets.
Like the weeds as we drove West.
Like the Destiny we created out of what was left.
To new lands we left.


A Poem by Trent Hartman--Meaningless Metaphors: 2009
All photos by Trent's eye Phone 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dotting Ts and Crossing Freeways...

Does the moon stay up late and party in the day, hiding in the light of its counterpart--always waking up to do its job and shine bright for us at night? Wind blows weary through valleys of untouched virginity, cursed by mans lust for adulterous pleasure. Man has not created a way to measure the universe, vast yet tiny, introverted and extraordinary extroverted, how do we as humans cope?

Inner peace.
Inert "P"s.
In hurt piece.
Outer wars.
Overt Q's.
Dotted "t"s
Tease eyeless "I"s
One eyed eyeless

A comfortable whole.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Parabens Rio de Janeiro 2016

Between the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016, there is no fun to be had in Brasil!

Monday, October 05, 2009

The Road Behind us as we travel FORword

“The road behind us as we travel forward:”

We can look back along the dusty path, two roads diverged from an urban jungle…
A spork in the road.
A path chosen that leads through ideas, innovation and technology
Strife, struggle, impulse, revolution—a superior risotto eating utensil
Documentation of all this somehow…and then we wonder.
A life full of wonder, a WONDERFUL life.
Financial planning problem solving dissolved like sea salt in Brita filtered water
To a history forgotten…but still exists, CAPITALISMO!
Unfair free trade, fair trade comes at is costs.
A new beginning in a culmination of progress
Powerful ideas.
Put to rest.
Come to life!
Because…“There is nothing more POWERFUL than an idea whose TIME has COME!
Jesus laughs as Buddha weeps
Both all knowing omniscient unconscious synonyms: Sun/God, ignorance is common, above antonyms, are just the norm, underground synonyms, then peace, now war.
Parallels…like train tracks, but what causes train wrecks?
Derails—freedom from the track.
Free by any means, freedom, it means!
Yesterday I was sitting at an infamous dive bar staring at its red bricks.
Realizing I never really read books.
I read Inscriptions on the wall
Red ink messages engraved on red bricks.
I continued to read.
Two question marks the spot
“X “marks the spot?
And exclamations, the way its read, or the way we read it, or the color red.
Read red words on red bricks and tell your friends red bricked stories and how you read them on red bricks.
Tangible thoughts coming to life expectancy glistened…like morning dew drops—Listened…
Like she wanted me to…
Shooting stars in the distance dancing across our milky way
And…today I’ve FOUND my way!
But tomorrow I walk on longer, windy roads, leading to windy desert oases.
Windy windy roads of frosted memories.
Jogging to stay in shape, and remembering that just jogged my memory…
FIGMENTS of imagination, creating a MANIFESTATION OF THE PEACE
Is just one puzzle piece.
Please offer silence, one piece at a time.
Or, offer peace please.
Feel and seal the deal, our rights are freedom of thought, freedom to WRITE!
Though thought without the “t” its just a conjunction I propose a position
An omission of prose, cause I forgot the “T’s” in though(t)s {those} THOUGH’T’S,
So I guess they weren’t really THOSE THOUGHTS!
Existe un momento…to feel an emotion entre tiempo y espacio…
Space vs. Time
¿Pero cuantos….e quando?
Tangible vs. Intangible
Nonsensical pain and pleasure: enlightenment nirvana, black white, suffering and non suffering…all…possible…Even plausible!
Sitting ovations oddly applausable.
Performances appeasable, palpable, edible and even palatable.
We will always have love and sacrifice…
Are you afraid, or a frayed knot?
I am NOT afraid.
You are a knot tied to the pillars of untangled tangible philosophies neglected by people who never quite respected your analogies
Monologues are left unspoken to be read in your secret diaries.
Burn the edges to seal in security. Lock out insecurity.
No longer a frayed knot.
No longer afraid, I am NOT.

By Trent Hartman, Meaningless Metaphors
“The road behind us as we travel forward”
A Compilation of collected metaphorical nonsense: 9/29/09
A member of the Vetted Word Community: “Poets Wanted”

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Che Che

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