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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Combining Favorites

As a kid, I always dreamed of the store that would specialize in Pizza and Milkshakes. A hole in the wall place that would serve greasy new york style slices where you fold them and the grease drips out the back served up with a think chocolate shake where there is more deliciousness in the silver tin than the traditional milkshake glass. As an adult, I still crave that combo, but I have finally found two of my new favorite things combined: plants and coffee.

Out in the Bayshore district one of SF's best coffee shops, Ritual Roasters, has teamed up with a budding new garden designer, Flora Grubb. Not only can you shop for succulents and drink your succulent mocha decorated with latte art, but you can hang out and chat about the knowledgeable staff and learn about vertacle gardens. From now until August 31st if you buy 12oz bag of Ritual beans you get a free tillsdia plant, talk about combinations of favorites!