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Saturday, May 23, 2009

World Town Panini

We want to know: What's on your World Town Panini?

Choices of Bread:

White, Wonder, Lavash, Croissant, Foccacia, Challa, Bagel, Tortilla, English Muffin, Pita, Dutch Crunch Roll, Roti, Pao de Sal, Texas Toast, Wheat, Baguette, Naan, Injera, Rye, Pumpernickle, etc

Choice of Cheese:

Paneer, Vermont Aged Cheddar, Chhena, Feta, Catupiry, Ribblesdale Blue Goat, Sardo, Tvorok, Fresh Mozzarella, Rushan, Havarti, Quesong Puti, Remedeu, Cojita, Gouda, Kraft Slices, Asiago, Humbolt Fog, Requeijão, etc

Served with Sides of: Steve Smooth, Trevor Simpson, Nima G, DJ Nik, Jared F, Ian Ross, Dar Far, and all people representin their World Town!!!!

Cover it in may or no mayo at all. Fresh tomatoes, cilantro, basil or sundried tomatoes. Roasted red peppers or mango chutney. Abacaxi or zuccini. Drizzled in Olive oil and put on a press or drenched in butter and fried in a skillet. Cooked over an open flame, wrap it all up together or have it heated up in the microwave...At world town we don't really care how you prepare, cook and eat your Panini, but when you combine World Town's ingredients it always makes for a damn good sandwich!

World Town will be hosting a Panini Cook Off the day of the event, one last time at the dar house in Oakland, come by and bring your local flavor...thanks for all the memories!

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