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Heavenly Light
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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Vetted Word

I sit here and enjoy my blueberry green tea with a squeeze of my friend's backyard garden lemon listening to a 1995 CD of Govi, a Spanish Acoutsic Guitar Afficionado. My girlfriend's Japanese Chin stares fictitiously out the Oakland French Door windows onto my backyard laden with stencils, fold out chairs, agave plants, 3 strands of mint in a garden to spice up my culinary and cocktail life, a compost pile, and 2-7 alley cats on a given day. As my tea steeps I peel a clemintine and bite into its sweet and small delicious fruit that seems reminiscent of my Grandma' house in Southern California we would visit every spring break. Living in Oakland, I can see all the Californiaisms come into play as I am simply living my life. My bamboo plant grows in my living room carefully placed next to my dollar store candle, buddha board and incense chamber I purchased at the African essential oils store. They are meticulously are placed in that order to represent the four elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air. It is my line of zen, where I often stare down from my favorite seat at our table. It is the perfect spot that lies in direct harmony of how I see the energy flow in my living room. My brother, a talented DJ, has provided the room with a top notch sound system that circulates the energy and pings all of the senses to make our house come alive. Its almost ironic because I I like to utilize that system to hear more precisely my collection of New Age music. These symphonic melodies transport my mind and my thoughts to wander the universe in a constant meditation. Whether its in my living room writing a sentimental self-reflection piece, or chatting with a club owner about getting the energy level up at our party in a San Francisco hotspot, I live my life to feel these sensations, frequencies in energy and nuances of a collective universe that humanity has eternally searched for. Often dubbed by religion or spirituality, there is much more to be perceived than what man is capable of understanding--thus generations of soul seekers have labeled it God. God is a simplistic rendition of an omniscient being that is given this all knowing, all loving title to explain phenomenon that occur in our Universe. And thus, God, in one word challenged and contemplated on all levels, not just one word, a vetted word.

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