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Heavenly Light
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Saturday, May 23, 2009

World Town Panini

We want to know: What's on your World Town Panini?

Choices of Bread:

White, Wonder, Lavash, Croissant, Foccacia, Challa, Bagel, Tortilla, English Muffin, Pita, Dutch Crunch Roll, Roti, Pao de Sal, Texas Toast, Wheat, Baguette, Naan, Injera, Rye, Pumpernickle, etc

Choice of Cheese:

Paneer, Vermont Aged Cheddar, Chhena, Feta, Catupiry, Ribblesdale Blue Goat, Sardo, Tvorok, Fresh Mozzarella, Rushan, Havarti, Quesong Puti, Remedeu, Cojita, Gouda, Kraft Slices, Asiago, Humbolt Fog, Requeijão, etc

Served with Sides of: Steve Smooth, Trevor Simpson, Nima G, DJ Nik, Jared F, Ian Ross, Dar Far, and all people representin their World Town!!!!

Cover it in may or no mayo at all. Fresh tomatoes, cilantro, basil or sundried tomatoes. Roasted red peppers or mango chutney. Abacaxi or zuccini. Drizzled in Olive oil and put on a press or drenched in butter and fried in a skillet. Cooked over an open flame, wrap it all up together or have it heated up in the microwave...At world town we don't really care how you prepare, cook and eat your Panini, but when you combine World Town's ingredients it always makes for a damn good sandwich!

World Town will be hosting a Panini Cook Off the day of the event, one last time at the dar house in Oakland, come by and bring your local flavor...thanks for all the memories!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Right Write

What I should really do is write...do what's right? What is right when my world has been so left? Political views that skew far left like the things I've left behind. One nation under pressure, one individual under my own strain nothing except trying to build my name, its an insane game, establish my repertoire as things come down to the wire. Lets start to list the things I desire: simplicity, happiness, bliss, the ability to relax and be honest, a passionate kiss, watching people mix. What more to life than never to miss, exist.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Never a Cat so Clever as Magical Mr Mistoffelees

Satin sheets pinned up along pinwheel streets
Segregating pin ups from monotony
Mahogany's hard surface overcomes ones ability to surpass
Serpents lurk in dark corners where I was once, a dunce
But no longer wearing coned hats I frolic in the streets with alley cats
Magical like Mr Mistoffelees
On Broadway for centuries
Reading and writing staying alive never uttering eulogies
But please
Times are tough
Our wallets feel the squeeze
And...Swine Disease
Infecting our families
News Flash !
Why dont we just REPAIR?
Take care like an Au Pair
Watching stock markets crash like prototypes
We have abilities beyond our wildest dreams like talking for free on Skype
Charmin ultra soft to wipe
Clean up the mess
Government chaos and stress
I guess...I digress....

Bringing it back on point
Sometimes 1 for a free throw, or 6 for a touchdown, or negative 1 for a birde like Hale Irwin
Golfs lowest score wins
The earth revolves around the way the universe spins
Sometime frowns upside down can be perceived as grins
The Grinch stole Christmas but the Who ultimately win
Whoville is triumphant and happy versus wall streets pathetic chagrin
America, economic Ti-an?
More like economic Ti-tan-ic
We've already panicked
Lets try to not be manic

Impressive not Depressive
Innovative and Creative
Clear the Purple Haze
Find yourself in the puzzling maze
And achieve greatness in the midst of a craze
We are the glaze
A new road to pave

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Vetted Word

I sit here and enjoy my blueberry green tea with a squeeze of my friend's backyard garden lemon listening to a 1995 CD of Govi, a Spanish Acoutsic Guitar Afficionado. My girlfriend's Japanese Chin stares fictitiously out the Oakland French Door windows onto my backyard laden with stencils, fold out chairs, agave plants, 3 strands of mint in a garden to spice up my culinary and cocktail life, a compost pile, and 2-7 alley cats on a given day. As my tea steeps I peel a clemintine and bite into its sweet and small delicious fruit that seems reminiscent of my Grandma' house in Southern California we would visit every spring break. Living in Oakland, I can see all the Californiaisms come into play as I am simply living my life. My bamboo plant grows in my living room carefully placed next to my dollar store candle, buddha board and incense chamber I purchased at the African essential oils store. They are meticulously are placed in that order to represent the four elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air. It is my line of zen, where I often stare down from my favorite seat at our table. It is the perfect spot that lies in direct harmony of how I see the energy flow in my living room. My brother, a talented DJ, has provided the room with a top notch sound system that circulates the energy and pings all of the senses to make our house come alive. Its almost ironic because I I like to utilize that system to hear more precisely my collection of New Age music. These symphonic melodies transport my mind and my thoughts to wander the universe in a constant meditation. Whether its in my living room writing a sentimental self-reflection piece, or chatting with a club owner about getting the energy level up at our party in a San Francisco hotspot, I live my life to feel these sensations, frequencies in energy and nuances of a collective universe that humanity has eternally searched for. Often dubbed by religion or spirituality, there is much more to be perceived than what man is capable of understanding--thus generations of soul seekers have labeled it God. God is a simplistic rendition of an omniscient being that is given this all knowing, all loving title to explain phenomenon that occur in our Universe. And thus, God, in one word challenged and contemplated on all levels, not just one word, a vetted word.

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