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Thursday, April 23, 2009

World Town Becomes the Cure

Represent your World Town
April 25, 2009

World Town is a fusion of ideas embodying our motto of 'an interactive global musical audio visual compassionate resistance.' It serves as an entity evolving beyond an capacity I can only dream of. Conceptualized by listening to M.I.A. while burning a fire in my backyard, it was the perfect hybrid of my brother's talents as a DJ and nightclub promoter and my background in International Affairs with passion to create positive social change in the world. We started with small parties in San Francisco and now aspire to put on events anywhere and everywhere in the world. From World Town pool parties in Miami, large scale benefits, rooftops in Dubai and World Town Waikiki for New Years 2010--we are exactly what the name entails--always supporting a good cause.

This Saturday, April 25th, 2009 World Town comes full circle and 'Becomes the Cure' as we host a benefit event for the O Campaign at Terra in SF. The O Campaign's mission statement is: A non-profit campaign forging alliances between the public, academia, corporations, and institutions in effort to efficiently channel resources for high-paced development of cutting-edge research in cancer prevention, while simultaneously spurring translation and delivery of innovative treatments to the public. With over 4.6 million members, The O Campaign serves as the largest social media cause on the internet.

The O Campaign has teamed up with World Town and Thalas Entertainment Group to put together a large scale benefit party to launch their grassroots fundraising programs. By doing so we intend to get the word out about their 501c3 federally registered non-profit status and raise funds in a transparent manner. For Become the Cure we rented out Terra, one of SF's most sophisticated gallery spaces and have orchestrated thousands of dollars in donations for the event. From the venue, the DJs and promotion, equipment, sponsors, independent restaurants, businesses and media outlets we plan on exceeding our fundraising goals for the O Campaign. Event in this strange economy, it has been great to see such a warm response and encouragement as we pressed forward to make this benefit happen!

Tickets for this incredible event are on sale for $35 at http://www.going.com/becomethecure until tomorrow. Prices will be higher at the door, but ALL PROCEEDS, yes 100% of the money made that evening will go directly to the O Campaign. If all goes well, we will continue to work with the O Campaign and their grassroots online and event planning strategy to raise significant amounts of money needed in order to achieve their mission and actually find a cure for cancer! If you cannot make the event, join our cause and Donate $1 to the O Campaign (www.ocampaign.org) and help get this movement off the ground! Please visit the Become the Cure website for more info. Thank you all for reading, and I hope you take this event fueled by talent and passion combined to heart as so many people can resonate with the cause. Have a fantastic weekend, I hope to see you at World Town: Become the Cure or a World Town event coming to your part of the world in the near future!

Peace and Love,


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