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Heavenly Light
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Friday, April 17, 2009

Sad Panda on Wall St. Dar Far Philosophy

Im in a loud coffee shop and can only see the image of the Sad Panda wandering the streets of NY's financial district. My thought implications surround the uneasiness of a financial system crumbled, capitalism confined to the dusty corners of a rusty hinged box hanging over the depths of an ominous ocean waiting to swallow it up. As the economy crumbles, what is left? LIFE! For the first time some people are seeing the true beauty in living, the sunshine and tasting food, shopping at farmers markets and reconnecting with family. For others, like me, who never joined the corporate sector, I am not necessarily happy to see it failing, but motivated to pick up the pieces. What didn't work? What does work? How can a whole race, or leaders of a race work so hard and so fast, developing technology, money and finance and a capitalistic ideology that emerged dominant in the world to no ultimate end. We must analyze what truly makes us happy. We all need to eat and have a roof over our heads, and we see how this is becoming more important as these notions become unclear for the first time. Philosophical ideologies that tried and failed, the way the world works, we don't learn from history, we simply let it repeat itself. Honest ideas and an honest approach to love and happiness, compassion. Its a hard idea to grasp because we can distract ourselves from it so easily. This is not a survival of the fittest, its letting love prevail.

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