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Saturday, January 10, 2009

World Town Philosophy: A New World Town Order

World Town: Aninteractiveglobalmusicalcompassionateresistence...

"I cannot help fearing that men may reach a point where they look on every new theory as a danger, every innovation as a toilsome trouble, every social advance as a first step toward revolution, and that they may absolutely refuse to move at all."

-Alexis de Tocqueville

Come Represent and Shake your body at World Town Tonight: Rebirth, Revolution Represent.

Rebirth: 2009 is a new year, with new ideals. Barack Obama will take office in a country that has pioneered its way into a new world order. However, this new world order has been met with a boom in the comforts of human kind, but its not comfortable to everyone. The comforts come at a cost to humanity and the world we live on. It has provoked perpetual chaos and we forgot who we are and what our purpose it. We need to be born again and witness what our societies and people are capable of if we work for a common good.

"Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes."

-Mahatma Gandhi

Revolution: Working for a common good will require a change in our lifestyle, change our values and respect the natural energies of the world, people and the Universe. We has humans have the collective capacity to recognize our role as bodies of energy in this world. Our potential increases exponentially if we begin to grasp our mental capacities and natural state around us, eliminate distraction and unite together in harmonious actions and peaceful, positive thought. Compassion and love are more powerful that hate and evil, but one has to eliminate their fear, which is the hardest to not only conquer, but accept and understand what fear really is.

"There is nothing to fear, but fear itself."

-Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Represent: We all come from different cultures, backgrounds and upbringings. From the self made man to the trust fund baby. From vagabonds and migrants to homebodies and 9 to 5ers. We have all been brought up to celebrate certain rituals, traditions or family values and as we grow older, we become curious to see what others celebrate and why. From non faith to religion to spirituality and beyond we all come together on this plane in this reality and this state of mind to represent who you are, where you came from and where we want to go in the future!

'A house divided cannot stand.'
-Arabic Proverb

What is learned in youth is carved in stone
العلم في الصغر كالنقش في الحجر

Come show it off at World Town!



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