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Friday, January 16, 2009

On Enlightenment

Spiritually enlightened people are arising everywhere. From once formerly enlightened individuals that may have been hippies, or even earlier the ones that fought in World War II for our country's ideals, to the hippies that were oppressed by the then government that the former patriots fought so desparately to follow that ideal...but their fight was gone once the government took over. The corrupt individuals in the government taking an ideal of freedom and democracy and utilizing it to their benefit at the plunder of the world. The idea of capitalism and every man for himself flourished in an age of seclusion and despair brought on by the smashing of ideals an realistic new age thinkers. This theory, this new age theory, has not been lost, it just comes and goes with the times, naturally. Not a human created time, but a time of the Universe. We are all made of up organic matter, to the sub atomic so small and minute that no scientist can comprehend to the spiritualist who can't even begin to comprehend the vastness of our universe. Even there one does not begin to understand its infiniteness by defining it with one word, you cannot call a Universe our universe because that puts limit on it, so thus in order for their to be a word that people can understand, we call him God, or Allah, or Buddha or Dar Far, Krishna...something with ideals and identity so that people can understand, put into their practice and become closer to this alleged God, when they are failing to grasp the larger picture of it all. As followers of God in any faith, from New Age thinkers to religious Fundementalists, if anyone has had a so called spiritual awakening, we need to combine forces and bond together, in this meditative space that we have created, the leaders of each spirituality hence come forth and show yourselves. I am me and I am here to bridge this gap, this lack of hope and understanding in the human soul. We cannot begin to comprehend the infinite, but we must succumb to its awesome power and let it move you, do not force it. It took technology this long to grant us the ability to prove it wrong, but what is this instrument if we cannot make music. It is the ability to interact in between different times and space, follow our dreams in the persuit of happiness, the founders of our country felt it, and founded our country, in order for me to be here right now with the ability and knowledge to create even grander ideal and ideals expand our understanding of not knowing, and accept exactly that. And as we begin to drift away, let it take you, do not be scared.

Fear is the first and foremost flaw of man and his relationship with Spirituality. One cannot succumb to the divine forces unless they conquer their fear. And fear is no based on one's fright, but the inability to fight against the oppression of the ideals that are now failed.

All societies that have flourished have failed, but ideals emerge to forge a new land and new hope...Conquering fear and embracing love is the key to enlightenment...

Enlightenment is a profound topic that most of us, as humans, are attempting to grasp, and the ones that can grasp it are attempting to achieve. In my opinion enlightenment is a combination of a few key aspects, one of them being the elimination of fear. Fear is not simply what one may think it is as in scared of heights, or fear of spiders, but moreover a lack of understanding ourselves on a spiritual level. This world around us exists to make us feel comfortable and ease our fears, create a reality where we can function in a society that makes us "happy." However, I feel that not many people have actually experienced true happiness, because they do not know what it is. The video talks about fear and love, and how love vibrates on a higher frequency. If we eliminate our fear and are in tune to love, we can feel a higher vibration of our self, soul and spirit connected with the oneness of the universe and the energy that surrounds up and makes up who we really are...

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