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Friday, December 26, 2008

A Legend Never Dies

"A Legend Never Dies"
Trent Simpson

This is on of those things that is like a hall of mirrors. A legend is someone or something that never dies. But if it wasnt a legend, but never died, would it still be a legend? What if a legend died and some had considered it a legend, but then it isn't classified as a legend because it died. What is death? How does one determine the difference between life and death, dark and light? "Light" is a word created by our human language to represent just what it is, but what is it? (People talk about light omitted by stars, or even more spiritually, an inner light, and furthermore, enlightenment...) What if light and dark were reversed, but the meanings the same? In daytime it would be considered dark and at night, light. Infinite possibilities like looking in a hall of mirrors. Looking, you see yourself as many times as possible, but yet only one animate object of yourself exists. What if thre were more? How would you know? We don't. Maybe we live separate lives constantly, but put the out of our memory. Maybe that is the answer to al the questions we pose in the time we know we live. Why did my house get caught up in the flood? Why did they win the lotto and not me?

Each idea can provoke another one, like a chain reaction and so forth and so on, and so on and so on, see you just thought of something, how you wonder how I knew that. Pretty soon we will be at the same stage of thinking, looking deeper and deeper only to find that the depth is infinite, but I have to sleep, where infinite seems surrreal and real is unconsciously unfathomable, uncontrollable that when you wake up and recognize a deja vous or many deja vous in occurrences so common that the word coincidence seems frail upon other notions of spiritual syncronicities that take place in our world, our reality, the one that we created and are living in now, in this time and space, yet to be rendered true by other affirmations that seem looming and oh so present. Live in the present, this is the best present. To all, ones who teach and harness love and compassion, from the ones who seek it and feel it and aren't quite sure what exactly it is...Reach beyond your comfort zone, step one the sage...whether you are scared or not, you will only have this chance right now, if you fail to burst your bubble of comfort, so will the rest of us, it is a daunting fact and our destiny can wait, but why wait no more?

Teach compassion, feel love...for yourself and your inner light, because we are all connected. Real energy resonates. Be yourself and leave your fear behind, you will encounter more that is more fulfilling to conquer and thus, you will grow beyond your comprehension of a simple scared hermit.

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