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Heavenly Light
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Thursday, October 30, 2008

philosophizing no. 4

my life is a constant battle between good and evil, trust versus intuition, faith versus fate, coincidence versus randomness...do we know what we are all in for? is there a divine entity that knows what is happening and has a master plan for either a) all of us b) the world c) the universe d) each one individually...i often wonder whether the matrix was correct, when they say that the creators tried to develop a program of a Utopian society, but mankind was unable to accept the program and thus gave us society as we know it...but if there is a divine mission in all of us, where does it end? where does it go? i understand that shitty things need to happen in our lives in order to build strength, character, individuality, etc, and if one keeps doing good things, good things will happen in retrospect. however, i also wonder to what extent mankind's greediest and lust for things that are allegedly evil, hinder the divine proposition, or if those all play into effect. neglect respect. expect, regret. never regret, live in the moment...the moment told me to do so...live for the future, you may miss a moment...trapped in the past, you forget your mission...there needs to be a balance, a peace of mind (or is it piece of mind) a piece or peace of something, internal bliss, acknowledgment of inner truths that we know intrinsically to be true...i cant explain to each and every one of you what i feel...even the people i love most have the hardest time comprehending my experiences...or I have the hardest time really being able to explain...but what i do know, is there is a spirit that lives amongst us, a guide, a mentor, a messenger or guardian angel. a divine energy encompassed in our souls where past lives play into effect, future ones depend on our living and experience, and the way we look and portray ourselves reflects all of the above...god works in mysterious way, i am sure of that...i work in mysterious ways, i am sure of that...i know you work in mysterious way as well, dont be scared, fright is the first and foremost factor that inhibits our true callings, hiding behind what we truly are, what we truly desire, and what will ultimately make the world go round and a better place because of it...think about it...ask yourself...peace, shalom, salaam.

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