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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Benefits and Value of Music

Ive started a job with Real Music, a label that produces music that touches the mind, body and soul, helps you relax or meditate. Keep posted for more info!

* Choose your mood. The broad range of music in our catalog allows you to choose from ultra relaxing and soothing to more contemporary sacred in tone to energizing, more uptempo music.

* Relax & let go. Ideal for body work and massage, facials, luxuriating in healing waters, reiki, a full range of therapeutic treatments administered by a professional or by yourself during nurturing experiences at home. The more deeply you slip into relaxation, the more beneficial the experience.

* Find balance. Ideal to accompany movement practices promoting balance and harmony, including yoga, tai chi, qi gong and stretching.

* Meditate for clarity. It's much easier for most people to let go of mental chatter when listening to certain music than in silence. Our music can help you find stillness, access your inner wisdom and strengthen your connection to your "more real" self or Source.

* Get relief from stress & anxiety. Real Music provides a resonance that surrounds you in a beautiful sphere of healing and rejuvenating peace where nothing can disturb you.

* Get really healthy. While listening to soothing music, the heartbeat slows, blood pressure decreases, respiration deepens. The body seizes the opportunity to turn on its healing mechanisms and truly profound relaxation, rejuvenation and healing occur.

* Start your day right. Our music is an excellent way to set a relaxed, positive tone for the day. Just press play and enjoy a few minutes of pleasure. As with any life-enhancing discipline, regular listening offers ever-increasing benefits.

* Feel great all the time. Played in the background through the day, our music helps you maintain, or quickly and easily return to, good feelings. The music lifts your sense of optimism and reminds you that all is right with the world.

* Fall asleep easily. Certain of our CDs calm the brain and help release concerns so you can relax and fall asleep easily, waking up in the morning refreshed and looking forward to the opportunities of a new day. Zzzzzs for infants through seniors and everyone in between.

* Dine well. Our music creates a harmonious atmosphere for dining alone or with others and supports eating habits that are both healthy and enjoyable. No distracting lyrics to talk over.

* Enjoy the road. Our music creates a calm, relaxed alertness that helps you be safe and enjoy the time you spend driving.

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