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Heavenly Light
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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Philosophizing no. 3

If we are in fact constructed of pure energy (energia pura) and matter as we create it is in fact malliable...then what holds us back from stretchig the boundaries that we put on ourselves? We have been conditioned and trained to confine ourselves withing this so-called reality, run by money, greed and lust. When the human mind is capable of so much more, maybe when one realized this truly they can manifest themselves there, and that in turn is a manifestation upon our everyday reality as an 'observer.' So why so many complacent people? Does it need to be taught, or is it an intrinsic question that only few if not anyone can actually find? And if you did find it, it must be so glorious to not share with the rest of the world, or that it does take a certain mental capacity to withstand the mental implications necessary to take the alleged and metaphorical long path to freedom....but the path doesnt have to be so long if you only set your eyes on the ultimate goal, the end of the path and where that end is, is where you want it to lead.

This path led me to my dream come true...

But it wasnt the right time...so we had to go back...

Got a little caught up on the way...

But it will be all good...back to the top!

Dar Far Philosophies!

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