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Heavenly Light
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Friday, September 12, 2008

More World Town Philosophy

What is going on everyone! Our World Town party is back yet again now ever 2nd Saturday of the month at Roe in SF...We will be alternating from bringing in internationally renowned DJs one month and doing a CD release and local DJs the other month...This Saturday we will be releasing World Town Vol. 2 mixed by my brother available with a $1 donation to www.Blue4Peace.org a local and international movement for tangible PEACE in our lifetime...we will continue to partner with them and dedicate a portion of our proceeds to different causes for peace around the world...The theme is creativity and BLUE LIGHT, World issues, so come to reflect who you are, your causes and come to feel the most amazing energy you have ever felt in a night out as we incorporate a PEACE MINUTE at 12:30 where the whole club will go silent for 1 minute as we all concentrate on your own ideas of what you believe peace is! World Town is more than a party, its a movement and a flourishing environment for good energy to radiate positively to turn small ripples into large tidal waves that will have adverse and positive effects on the world in our lifetime! Come celebrate life, celebrate peace, celebrate unity, celebrate humanity. Represent your World Town! You got my number, hit me up if you want to come through, and as always we will be making shirts in my backyard on Saturday beforehand, so come make a shirt or a dress, hang out and experience your own World Town...whatever you want, we got it!



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