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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Philosophizing no. 3

If we are in fact constructed of pure energy (energia pura) and matter as we create it is in fact malliable...then what holds us back from stretchig the boundaries that we put on ourselves? We have been conditioned and trained to confine ourselves withing this so-called reality, run by money, greed and lust. When the human mind is capable of so much more, maybe when one realized this truly they can manifest themselves there, and that in turn is a manifestation upon our everyday reality as an 'observer.' So why so many complacent people? Does it need to be taught, or is it an intrinsic question that only few if not anyone can actually find? And if you did find it, it must be so glorious to not share with the rest of the world, or that it does take a certain mental capacity to withstand the mental implications necessary to take the alleged and metaphorical long path to freedom....but the path doesnt have to be so long if you only set your eyes on the ultimate goal, the end of the path and where that end is, is where you want it to lead.

This path led me to my dream come true...

But it wasnt the right time...so we had to go back...

Got a little caught up on the way...

But it will be all good...back to the top!

Dar Far Philosophies!

Dar Love

When I was in love I was there and I was alone

Now I am in love again

And I hope you and the rest of the people who really know what love is

Will join us there

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dar Far Art: Kandinsky

Sun Moon Time Space Natural vs. Human Past Present Future

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Beija Flor Takes the Cake!

My drink, Beija Flor, won in a battle of cachaça mixology last night at Sens restaurant in SF sponsored by Cabana Cachaça and www.nirvino.com. Here are the list of ingredients and some pictures with links to the site! Thanks for all the support!

My drink is called Beija Flor:

1 1/2 oz Cabana Cachaça
3/4 oz Mint Infused Simple Syrup
5 Halves Muddled Farm Fresh Strawberries
3 Muddled Blueberries
Squeeze of Fresh Lime Juice
1/2 oz Raspberry Ginger Brew
Navana Vanilla Cognac Float

Shake vigorously with love, strain over fresh ice in collins glass, garnish with home garden grown fresh Korean medicinal mint sprig.

Dar Far!

Monday, September 15, 2008

World Town's World Party

A Vision of a World full of Happiness: A World Party

World Town is not a party, its a phenomenon. As the first few World Towns in San Francisco have grown from a small party of diverse individuals to last Saturday night where over 1,600 people came and enjoyed flawless music, good energy and the first ever peace minute inside a nightclub, we realize this is real.

I remember sitting in my sophomore dorm room in Washington DC. Having just read Karl Marx for my World History 101 class I was excited for the impending seminar that our professor had scheduled, apparently I was pretty much the only one. Finally having read something of substance to me, I was eager to discuss the philosophy of utopian societies, argue why Communism is not the same as Marxism, and defend the work of a great innovator and thinker. It was a beautiful day and my fellow classmates convinced our otherwise dull yet extremely intelligent and somewhat nerdy professor to hold the seminar outside. Unfortunately for me, this would hinder my spiritedness to debate my coveted book. We sat in a large circle with a nice breeze, but there was cheerleader practice at the soccer field down the hill, and groundskeepers were mowing the lawn up the hill. The circle was a little too big, one classmate couldn't hear another classmate if you were on the other side of the circle, thus you almost had to shout your point if you were discussing the book. And, as sad as it is, I don't think my class was that into the book, no one wanted to shout, no one really even participated in class, so let alone a shouting contest against lawn mowing and cheerleading about a book that we grew up to hate in our capitalistic streamlined rhetoric of an education.

I got back from my class somewhat disappointed. Right then, as I was going over my notes and shaking my head at the lack of stimulation I got from the seminar my roommate, born and raised in Berkeley, California by communist parents, came barreling through the door in his "Kramer-esque" form. Ah ha! Finally, I realized, I can talk with my roommate, he knows Marx better than Marx, and he is the type to never back down from an intellectual discussion, which, for that reason, I rarely challenge him to.

"Utopia, its a wonderful thing," I suggested to spark his interest. He proceeded to be in his auto mode of ignoring everything and sandwich making until his hunger subsided and then he could function like a normal person again. I let him make his sandwich and halfway through I posed the same question, or lack of question but leading statement.

"Why do you say that?" He asked.

"I don't know, I guess cause I read Karl Marx' Communist Manifesto, and it seems like a fantastic idea, this whole utopian thing, but no one has really performed his rhetoric in order to really achieve a Utopian society. The Russians failed, the Chinese failed, and the United States is running the larges anti=communism platform that is winning, to me it seems like it may not be possible..."

I had sparked his inner ego, revolutionary rhetoric.

"You are right, its not going to happen via Russian or Chinese communism. Its not going to stem out of a collapse and revolution of world wide capitalism...these are all things that need to happen in order for his Utopian society to take place. The real revolution is pods of civilization that embody the principles, love, life, community. These pods will spring up all over the world, and eventually the pods with grow and join with other pods until the world becomes one big pod, and then my friend, is when you have a utopian society."

I was also taking a class on South American societies as it had mentioned but not elaborated on the Mayan civilization and how their calendar ends in 2012. I asked my roommate if he knew anything about that, and don't necessarily recall his answer. But my thoughts were brewing...If the Mayans predicted an end of an era, or end of the World, we must strive and fight for a way to unite humanity before this happens, or maybe that is exactly the plan, we have worked all this way, with wars, technology, hate, greed, but we forget our purpose, we forget that there is a Universe that we only play a small part of.

So what if we make a big impact on an infinite Universe? Positive energy resonates exponentially through and amongst aware or other enlightened individuals. Lets say two people are happy, they resonate positive energy out to the Universe as if one threw a pebble in a still pond. If you have a group of people resonating positivity the rock tossed into the pond is bigger, and thus the ripples are bigger. If you have enough people that are feeling enough positive energy we can create tidal waves of positive energy to swarm the planet, engulf the solar system and resonate throughout the Universe.

Thus World Town. Not just a party. In San Francisco its a pod that my brother and I took a gamble on. Harnessing music inspired by music from a woman growing up in a guerrilla warzone, fused with technology, visual provocation, and a few theories of positivity that seem to be intrinsically related to quantum physics, we have our first pod. My goal for World Town is to have the parties all over the Earth, taking it in any direction that one deems necessary to cultivate a group of people to celebrate unity, think about peace, dance to music and feel good all over. This energy will resonate back to the World, back to the other World Town parties taking place and we will feel a bond and a connection unlike any other. It will be so strong in so many different pods and will grow to the extent that World Town's World Party will not need to be planned, it will just be...and it will be glorious!

World Town's World Party set for sometime around December 2012, to save the World, to save humanity, to experience Peace in our lifetime. Do you want to start a World Town?

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Fridden, Luxemburgish

Der Frieden, German

La Paix, French

Achukma, Choctaw

Mír Bosnian, Bulgarian, Byelorussian, Croatian, Czech, Russian, Serbian, Slovene, Ukrainian

Shalom, Hebrew

Heiwa, Japanese

Salam, Arabic

La Paz, Spanish

La Pace Italian, Romanian

Peace, English

A Paz Galician, Portuguese

Alaáfía, Yoruba

Amaithi, Tamil

Amaní, Swahili

Aman Malay, Urdu

Amniat, Pashto

Ashtee, Farsi

Asomdwee, Twi-Akan

Aylobaha, Gafuleya Chontal

Bake, Basque

Barish, Turkish

Béke, Hungarian

Boóto, Mongo-Nkundu

Búdech, Palauan

Chibanda, Ila

Däilama, Sa'a

Damai, Indonesian

Diakatra, Maranao

Dodolimdag, Papago/Pima

eace-pay, Pig Latin

Echnahcaton, Munsterian

Ets'a'an Olal, Maya

'Éyewi Nez, Perce

Fandriampahalemana, Malgache

Filemu, Samoan

Fois Scots, Gaelic

Fred Danish, Norwegian, Swedish

Friður ,Icelandic

Goom-jigi, Buli

Gúnnammwey, Carolinian

Hasîtî, Kurdish

Hau, Tahitian

Hedd, Welsh

Hmethó, Otomi

Hoa Bình, Vietnamese

Ilifayka, Koasati

Innaihtsi'iyi, Blackfoot

Iri'ni, Greek

Írq, Amharic

Ittimokla, Alabama

Kagiso, Setswana

Kalilíntad, Magindanaon

Kapayapaan, Tagalog Filipino

K'é, Navajo

Kev Thajyeeb Nyab Xeeb Hmong Daw

Khanhaghutyun, Armenian

Khotso, Sesotho

Kiñuiñak, Northwest Alaska Inupiat Inuktitut

Kiba-kiba, Rapanui

Kunammwey, Chuuk

Kupia Kumi Laka Miskito

Kutula, Fanagolo

'Kwam, Sa Lao

La Paqe, Albanian

La Patz, Aranés

La Pau, Catalán

Lapé Haitian, Creole

Layéni, Zapoteco

Li-k'ei, Tlingit

Linew, Manobo

Lùmana, Hausa

Mabuhay, Tagalog

Maluhia, Hawaiian

Meleilei, Ponapean

Melino, Tonga

Miers, Latvian

Mina, Wintu

Mtendere Chewa, Nyanja

Muka-muka, Ekari

Musango, Duala

Mutenden, Bemba

Nabad -Da, Somali

Nanna Ayya Chickasaw

Ñerane'i, Guaraní

Nimuhóre, Ruanda

Nirudho, Pali

Nye, Ntomba

Olakamigenoka, Abenaqui

Paçi, Maltese

Paco, Esperanto

Pax, Latin

Pingan, Chinese

Pokój , Polish, Slovak

Pyong'hwa, Korean

Rahu, Estonian

Rangima'arie, Maori

Rauha, Finnish

Rerdamaian, Indonesian

Rukun, Javanese

Saanti, Nepali

Sai Gaai Òh Pìhng Yue

Santipap, Thai

Saq, Uighur

Shîte, Tibetan

Shanti Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu

Sholim, Yiddish

Síocháin, Irish

Sìth, Gaelic

Soksang, Khmer

Solh Dari, Persian

Sonqo, Tiaykuy Quechua

Sulh, Turkish

Taika, Lithuainian

Tecócatú ,Nhengatu

Thayu, Gikuyu

Tsumukikatu, Comanche

Tuktuquil, Usilal Kékchí

Tutkiun, North Alaska Inuktitut

Udo, Igbo

Ukuthula, Zulu

Uvchin, Mapudungun

Uxolo, Xhosa

Vrede Afrikaans, Dutch

Wâki Ijiwebis-I, Algonquin

Wetaskiwin, Cree

Wolakota, Lakhota

Wôntôkóde, Micmac

Wo'okeyeh, Sioux

Friday, September 12, 2008

More World Town Philosophy

What is going on everyone! Our World Town party is back yet again now ever 2nd Saturday of the month at Roe in SF...We will be alternating from bringing in internationally renowned DJs one month and doing a CD release and local DJs the other month...This Saturday we will be releasing World Town Vol. 2 mixed by my brother available with a $1 donation to www.Blue4Peace.org a local and international movement for tangible PEACE in our lifetime...we will continue to partner with them and dedicate a portion of our proceeds to different causes for peace around the world...The theme is creativity and BLUE LIGHT, World issues, so come to reflect who you are, your causes and come to feel the most amazing energy you have ever felt in a night out as we incorporate a PEACE MINUTE at 12:30 where the whole club will go silent for 1 minute as we all concentrate on your own ideas of what you believe peace is! World Town is more than a party, its a movement and a flourishing environment for good energy to radiate positively to turn small ripples into large tidal waves that will have adverse and positive effects on the world in our lifetime! Come celebrate life, celebrate peace, celebrate unity, celebrate humanity. Represent your World Town! You got my number, hit me up if you want to come through, and as always we will be making shirts in my backyard on Saturday beforehand, so come make a shirt or a dress, hang out and experience your own World Town...whatever you want, we got it!



Clueless Palin Peddles Cliches Under Gibson's Glare:

Wow! She was in Canada and Mexico as the only countries before she went to the Middle East...and met Heads of State in Alaska...

Grrrrrrrr...This is all nonsense...We NEED Obama! The World NEEDS Obama!


pt 2

Peace Minute at World Town


1) We are excited to announce that this Saturday night we join together for the 1st BLUE MINUTE in the San Francisco Club Scene.

During this Saturday night's WORLD TOWN Party the music will stop and for ONE MINUTE we will all UNITE FOR P.E.A.C.E.

http://blue4peace.ning.com/?xgi=1UlSts8World Town is a monthly "interactive musical and visual" 3 levels of International Beats dance Party. A portion of their proceeds always go to support a cause. Last month was SaveDarfur.org.

THIS MONTH IS Blue4Peace. Come party for a cause. Join us for this revolutionary first BLUE MINUTE.
Saturday, September 13, 2008
@ Roe Restaurant and Nightclub
651 Howard st. , San Francisco, CA


Or cantact me DIRECTLY 415 412 2267 TO GET ON THE BLUE LIST and get in for free ALL NIGHT!


Monday, September 08, 2008

Need Help Purchasing Island...

Need help purchasing awesome island...please inquire within...Thanks




Positive Energy Activates Conscience Elevation

I find it subtly ironic how a rap group called "Gravediggaz" came up with an acronym for peace

Positive Energy Activates Constant Elevation

And recently I mentioned this to the parties involved in Peace Hour and we have changed the Constant to Conscience...thus transcending the true idealogoies of Buddhism, awakening and so-called enlightenment...

We can reach World Peace in this lifetime...Lets work together!