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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Philosophizing no. 2: Emotion, Peace and Positive Energy

How can one concretely quantify or define an emotion. Emotion is a sense of humanity that sets us apart and makes us realized that we are in fact real in this world. When a positive emotion is felt, it resonates back out to the universe as newly created positive energy. If it is in fact positive energy that expands the Universe, then the more positive energy created and omitted will infinitely expand the Universe in a greater force...and thus there will be more chances for that energy to be taken even further, to another level of positivity and hopefully, resonate back to you, and your soul who helped cultivate and enhance it...

Thus, World Town, an idea based on love, emotion and positive energy to create something unique. The basic principles of World Town are founded on love, creativity, inspiration, innovation, happiness, laughter, and fueled by all of the same. My brother, Trevor Simpson, loves music, it is what he is meant to do. He takes beautifully created tapestries of sound that manifested themselves out of other people's passion, love, creativity and ingenuity, combined with new levels of technology and skillful tact to read crowds, interpret their energy and thus give it back through an intricate blending of sounds. These sounds resonate into the room via the bass, high hats, treble, melodies and whatever else makes up a sound...into a crowd full of people who are there for a specific reason, whether the same, or completely different, all walks of life have come into the same room at the same time to listen to the same music and experience the newly cultivated emotions...From man made to spiritual, they all come together to interact with your mind, body and soul, to strike a chord that has seldom been struck and will ring out in pure happiness. To let free and utmostly and uniquely enjoy the being and living act of the moment. And thus the release of positive energy back out into the crowd, the city, the state, nation, world and Universe.

And thus World Town...based on love, to create positive energy, to resonate around the World and to elevate our standard of what we are all searching for, and have been searching for, True Happiness.

As many philosophies bare witness to, revolution can't come at once and won't come easy. World Town is exactly that...pods of innovation and creativity, to resonate with what people believe in, to bring humanity together, to fight for causes but to unify for peace. If there are many conflicts of interest and two sides are fighting, there must be a happy medium. Peace is the medium, but what is peace. Can peace be brought by happiness? Think of peace as not a resolution to a conflict, but as a calming factor of unity...Blue unity, you can see it in my eyes, the colors of the world, from the sky to the water, from blue lights outside of nightclubs, from computer screen backgrounds and html generated color codes, from flowers to raindrops, from the blue you see in a meditation to the shirt you are wearing.

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