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Monday, August 25, 2008

If love is blind...

If love is blind...

...then who will listen to the deaf?

Paz e a Luz Azul

A paz representa todo que estamos querendo neste vida, porque nao tem? Ele esta fazendo uma grande obra de ter paz neste mundo, via o medio da luz azul...a luz azul representa paz en todo capacidade, seja alegria, nao guerra, harmonia, qualquer coisa que voce pensa o que paz é, pode ser, mas representando da media da luz azul...pode ver esta azul, o ceu, sua blusa, coisas na mesa, entre os olhos, na meditacao, respira fund e cultivar a luz azul para seu mesmo, e respira a luz azul para sua familia, a cidade, o estado, o continente, o mundo, o universo....a luz azul é muita poderosa no meio de ser tangible para representa ser humano tocar a nocao do que realmente é o paz.

Peace Tower: Reykjavik, Iceland


Imagine - จ

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama Biden!

Barack Obama has chosen Joe Biden, Senator from Delaware, to be his Vice Presidential running mate!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Our party tonight is called World Town Presents: Baile Fidget...

Baile Fidget is a genre/party that we created combining Brasilian Baile Funk with Fidget House combined with cheap beer, 'lotsashots' and all World Town and Dar Far principles, we invite you to come hear something new, innovative, and probably pretty damn witty while we get down with DJs Eric Sharp, Trevor Simpson and Homero Espinosa in a triple entente of your SF's hometown DJs trying to elevate the bar once again with SF Nightlife encompassing a global perspective to innovate the new school of club goers and ultimately influencing the newest theme of World Town: The Resurgence of Fun!!!

This months World Town parties are taking on a more grassroots/local idea and philosophy/social experiment and have collaborated with Peace Hour (www.peacehour.com) in order to grow both movements for the unifying movement of peace amongst humanity in our lifetime! Peace hour is held on Sunday from 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm local time. Thus, peace hour is happening all day on Sunday throughout the World and in your Town. The San Francisco Peace Hour vigil is held starting at 8:00 pm PST at 18th and Castro. The tangible theme for Peace Hour is BLUE and thus everyone who wishes for peace in a certain conflict, amongst themselves or for the world, can come hold a Blue candle and walk with the vigil representing your cause.

Baile Funk Track Produced by the DJs for Tonight:


Press about Baile Fidget from Dancemusci.About.com


World Town Resurgence of Fun Presents:



"Just 5 dollas"

Rye Rye

"Shake it to the Ground"

Click to PLAY:

shake it to the ground - Rye Rye

Trevor Simpson's Baile Fidget: "Push the Feeling"



Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Philosophizing no. 2: Emotion, Peace and Positive Energy

How can one concretely quantify or define an emotion. Emotion is a sense of humanity that sets us apart and makes us realized that we are in fact real in this world. When a positive emotion is felt, it resonates back out to the universe as newly created positive energy. If it is in fact positive energy that expands the Universe, then the more positive energy created and omitted will infinitely expand the Universe in a greater force...and thus there will be more chances for that energy to be taken even further, to another level of positivity and hopefully, resonate back to you, and your soul who helped cultivate and enhance it...

Thus, World Town, an idea based on love, emotion and positive energy to create something unique. The basic principles of World Town are founded on love, creativity, inspiration, innovation, happiness, laughter, and fueled by all of the same. My brother, Trevor Simpson, loves music, it is what he is meant to do. He takes beautifully created tapestries of sound that manifested themselves out of other people's passion, love, creativity and ingenuity, combined with new levels of technology and skillful tact to read crowds, interpret their energy and thus give it back through an intricate blending of sounds. These sounds resonate into the room via the bass, high hats, treble, melodies and whatever else makes up a sound...into a crowd full of people who are there for a specific reason, whether the same, or completely different, all walks of life have come into the same room at the same time to listen to the same music and experience the newly cultivated emotions...From man made to spiritual, they all come together to interact with your mind, body and soul, to strike a chord that has seldom been struck and will ring out in pure happiness. To let free and utmostly and uniquely enjoy the being and living act of the moment. And thus the release of positive energy back out into the crowd, the city, the state, nation, world and Universe.

And thus World Town...based on love, to create positive energy, to resonate around the World and to elevate our standard of what we are all searching for, and have been searching for, True Happiness.

As many philosophies bare witness to, revolution can't come at once and won't come easy. World Town is exactly that...pods of innovation and creativity, to resonate with what people believe in, to bring humanity together, to fight for causes but to unify for peace. If there are many conflicts of interest and two sides are fighting, there must be a happy medium. Peace is the medium, but what is peace. Can peace be brought by happiness? Think of peace as not a resolution to a conflict, but as a calming factor of unity...Blue unity, you can see it in my eyes, the colors of the world, from the sky to the water, from blue lights outside of nightclubs, from computer screen backgrounds and html generated color codes, from flowers to raindrops, from the blue you see in a meditation to the shirt you are wearing.

The House of Blues
Unity in Diversity

House of Blue


A photo Essay of Blue Peru and Positive Energy "Words" of 'Emotion'
















Tuesday, August 19, 2008

An interactive global dance music visual experiences benefit human unity peace nightlife and sound innovation spreading all over the world as pods of flourishing human interaction is


Monday, August 18, 2008


"The better we learn to live the better we learn to die..."

Are you afraid to have someone believe in you?
Can you commit to your ideals?
Even if you think nothing of it,
are you willing to allow others to think the world of it,
and of you?
Pedagogue of Young Gods.

All slavery ever does is free you.
All anyone ever does is an example.
All power is just collective energy.
To abuse the privilege is to sell your soul
and that is to rent with the illusion of owning.
We are the landlords.
If you misunderstand us,
you're dead and deserve your demise.
Your dominion is your overthrow.
The controllers are controlled.
Spread the word,
it will save you
and depends on you to be understood.
There is no school bell, only nursery.
Our heroes reward us with stars,
ever-still, ever-moving.
We sing to ourselves in our cars.
Music is our sanctuary.
Anywhere you put it it's ours.
Our living voice,
our living testament.
We dream aloud,
we scream and shout.
Our courage will defeat them.
Our struggle will unite us.
Our wisdom is ourselves,
our resources our own,
our blood ocean,
our skin oil.
From http://6lyrics.com
We are mountain and waterfall,
they cannot contain us.
Their prisons will not restrain us,
their customs will not un-name us.
We are what they know in their hearts,
you guessed it,
you knew that,
you felt it,
you tried to doubt it,
denied it,
but you knew it,
ain't nobody had to tell you.
We had them from the start.
A world apart, a world within,
ancient and luminous.
The before before and the hereafter.
We are the essence of laughter.
The comforting prayer
and the gatekeepers
and the street-sweepers.
A mountain of ports outside of a city of dreams.
A bird that prays, yet offers its wingspan to the wind.
Things are not as they seem.
We hover above while giving the appearance of scurrying below.
All is as it should be.
We are more than we know.
More than we hoped and dreamed,
a generation of generators,
a power source and supply.
The better we learn to live,
the better we learn to die.
Old as anything,
old as everything,
we are participants in a ritual
older than our collective memory,
a marriage of heart and mind,
secular and divine.

All is as it should be.
Slavery carefully bred us.
No child of Greece or Rome can behead us.
We are ahead of our time.
Slavery was simply a state of mind.
Hip-hop reminded us of confidence.
Overcoming now is simply common sense.
You deserve the ice and the riches of Solomon.
But don't let warped values turn you into hollow men.
Education is the only thing given that cannot be taken.
Learn to think for yourself,
analyze the forsaken.
Pimp your fears,
surrender to love,
dance all night when you need to.
Play this song for a thug,
let 'em know ain't no judgment.
We all hustle and grind,
any system against us is against the divine.
But there's no sense of glory in repenting,
and repeating,
their mistakes.
You have a greater calling.
Answering it is all it takes.
Take a second to hear this
and go back about your day.
Know that laws don't govern us,
we're governed by what we say.
What we think, why we think it, how we handle.
Place no blame, point no fingers, take your aim.

Shoot to kill. The bullshit.

Saul Williams: Pedagogue of Young Gods

Pedagogue of Young Gods [*] - Saul Williams

(click to play)


Peace Hour

Every Sunday from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm

A very Dar Far World Town Concept...more to come


In SF at 18th and Castro every Sunday from 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm


I will be writing more about it and how it ties in with our party concept, World Town, to bring humanity back to us humans, elevate conscientiousness via a medium of peace, one we can all relate to...intertwined with music that touches the soul, radiates energy into happiness and thus spreads back out into the universe as new positive energy, allowing the universe to grow and flourish...

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I was guided to this poem this quiet and somber Oakland morning...

One morning beginning to notice
Which thoughts pull the spirit out of the body, which return it.
How quietly the abandoned body keens,
like a bonsai maple surrounded by her dropped leaves.
Rain or objects call the forgotten back.
The droplets' placid girth and weight. The table's lack of ambition.
How strange is that longing, too, becomes a small green bud,
thickening the vacant branch-length in early March.

from After by, Jane Hirshfield

Monday, August 04, 2008

House Music: A Spirtual Thing, A Soul Thing

World Town Headliner Eddie Amador...

"Not everyone understands house music; it's a spiritual thing, a body thing, a soul thing."

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Nas: "Black President"

[Hook (2x): Tupac]
And though it seems heaven sent,
we ain't ready to have a black President
And though it seems heaven sent,
we ain't ready to have a black President

Yes We Can ... Change the World (Change the World )
(They Said!)

[Verse 1: Nas]
They forgot us on the block
Got us in the box
Solitary confinement
How violent are these cops?
They need an early retirement
How many rallies will I watch?
I ain't got it in me to march
I got a semi to spark
The game's in a drought

Public housing, projects
Cooking up in the Pyrex
My set, my click
Either getting money
Or running from homicide trial
That's if they ain't died yet

Trying to be rich
Still I'm pledging allegiance
A predicate felon, a ghetto leader
Lending my poetical genius
To whoever may need it
I bleed this from Queensbridge
Now living with my feet up
Never defeated
So a president's needed
Y'know these colored folks and Negroes
Hate to see one of their own succeeding
America, surprised us
And let a black man guide us

[Hook (2x): Tupac]
And though it seems heaven sent,
we ain't ready to have a black President
And though it seems heaven sent,
we ain't ready to have a black President

Yes We Can ... Change the World (Change the World )
(They Said!)

What’s the black pres. thinkin’ on election night
Is it how can I protect my life?
Protect my wife?
Protect my rights?
Every other president was nothin' less than white
Except Thomas Jefferson and mixed Indian blood
and Calvin coolers
KKK is like 'what the f**k', loadin' they guns up
loadin' mine too, Ready to ride
Cause im ridin with my crew
He dies - we die too
But on a positive side,
I think Obama provides Hope - and challenges minds
Of all races and colors to erase the hate
And try and love one another, so many political snakes
We in need of a break
Im thinkin' I can trust this brotha
But will he keep it way real?
Every innocent n!gga in jail - gets out on appeal
When he wins - will he really care still?
I feel . . .

[Hook (2x): Tupac]
And though it seems heaven sent,
we ain't ready to have a black President
And though it seems heaven sent,
we ain't ready to have a black President

Yes We Can ... Change the World (Change the World )
(They Said!)

Say a prayer for "do we have to?"
You ain't right, Jeremiah Wrong pastor
In love with a slave master
Sincerely yours:
USA most brave rapper
Jesse car-jacker
Uncle Tom-kidnapper
Ask around
Bentley Coupe off the Richter
B!tch-called-life, I pimped her
Politics, politricks
Deacon for defense
Nothing on the stove
A survival-booster

Gotta do what we gotta do
We ain't got no governors coming through - to help
anything we need done, we gotta do for self

New-improved JFK on the way
It ain't the 60's again
N!ggas ain't hippies again
We ain't falling for the same traps
Standing on the balconies
Where they shot the King at
McCain got apologies
Ain't nobody hearing that
People need honesty

[Hook (2x): Tupac]
And though it seems heaven sent,
we ain't ready to have a black President
And though it seems heaven sent,
we ain't ready to have a black President

Yes We Can ... Change the World (Change the World )
(They Said!)

It is my distinct honor and privilege to introduce the next President of the
United States: Barack Obama.

Black President - NaS