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Heavenly Light
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Monday, July 21, 2008

World Town is...

World Town thrives on creating an environment that harnesses a mix of eclectic individuals from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, sub cultures, and creativity. World Town creates a melting pot of unity where people can come together via music and entertainment in order to cross traditionally upheld borders--bringing people together for both awareness and entertainment value. World Town also incorporate a fundraising aspect to all of our parties, donating a portion of the profits to selected Organizations that fit the World Town memorandum. We at World Town are busting down the subtle nuances of cultural differences in order to bring everyone together so we call all flourish as a society and as humans. World Town is a place where we can learn from other people's values, celebrations, rituals, desires and passions. World Town events are fueled by passion, love, excitement and the energy created by the gathering of beautiful people. Together we create an event fueled by music, with visuals to enhance, awareness and human interaction…but the real elegance is the participation creating the movement and harnessing the ideas to create real change!

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