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Monday, July 07, 2008

What is 'Baile Fidget?'

On Thursday July 10, 2008, World Town Presents launches a new party at Pink in SF entitle Baile Fidget. But what is this Baile Fidget? Well, in a nutshell, the name of the party stems from the first two words of the genres of music that will be explored at the party, Baile Funk and Fidget House--if you know what both of those generes are, stop reading and Ill see ou on Thursday. If not, let me try to give a very broad and vague overview of my persnal relationship with the music.

I admit that one of my worst moments as a guest in someone's house occured after I left my three month homestay in Paraguay. Almost a week or so before I left, my host brother bought a brand new real CD of a Brazilian band, Bonde do Tigrao. I was taken aback by the new sounds, the allure of cool Brazilian music and of course the lyrics...via a translation in Protinhol (Portuguese and Spanish) my host brother and his friends were trying to explain the lyric, "Chuchuka..." In any case, I needed to have he CD. I snuck it in my luggage as I was leaving, a self proclaimed suveniour ad thus stealing a prize possession of the household. However, bringing something new and different from Paraguay back the United States was more of a feat. When I arrived safely at my house, I called my family to tell them of my safe passage, and my little host brother asked me if I knew where the CD was...I didnt know what to say and told him I hadnt seen it, as it was in the stereo of my mom's player. Amongst my firends the music didnt have the same allure as it did with me and my Paraguayan friends, instead 'Maté' became a big hit. Later, Bonde do Tigrao's song was sampled by the Baha Men in the largest one hit wonder since the Macarena, "Who Let the Dogs Out."

Baile Funk came into my life again as I searched for research topics in my Latin American studies classes at George Washington. For two similar classes, I was assigned research papers with open ended topics for both classes. My tactful laziness side suggested to my practical side that if I chose one topic to do really really well, then I could essentially write the same paper for both classes...Thus, my two sides agreed that this wasnt necessarily a bad idea, but I would need a deep topic that I was passionate about that could take 2 different angels, I could chat up the topic with my professors, colleagues at the Brasilian Embassy, and draw on personal experience. Long story short, I picked the topic stemming from Social Cultural society structure issues in Brasil, which led to a case study of the drug traffickers in Brasilian Favelas acting as a replacement for the non existent Government in these areas, and in turn, their biggest affirmation of power and control stemmed from throwing the largest and best Baile Funk parties.

So thus, I have studied Baile Funk on a very scholarly level, receiving guidance from my professors, criticism from the diplomats at the Brasilian Embassy, and reading Mr. Paul Sneed's thesis on the movement. I then went to volunteer and experience the parties themselves by living in a Brasilian Favel (a whole different article to be written). Mr Sneed and my professor and mentor Alex Dent were the two co-founders of the organization 2 Brothers started in 1998. 2 Brothers is one of the first non-profit organizations based in Rocinha, one of the biggest Favelas in Rio, and home of Baile Funk. Zezinho, one of our DJs featured at Baile Fidget, does fundriasing for the 2 Brothers foundation and will be spinning some Baile Funk hits and classics at Baile Fidget.

In any case Baile Funk has made it to the US via innovators in culture and music, and good friend from San Diego Corey Biggs. We created a party last year called Brazilian Electro Funk, but were oppressed by larger egos who were trying more to sell products rather than create cool parties. Now, teaming up with DJs Trevor Simpson, Mr Biggs, Zezhinho and Richie Panic, the theory is back, a new innovative party combining styles of music you probably only hear when you are drunk surfing through myspace. Baile Funk and Fidget House meet World Town at Pink this Thursday, come REPRESENT THAT WORLD TOWN!!!

Chuchuka - Bonde do tigrao

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