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Thursday, July 17, 2008

$5,000,000 Kitten for Bail

This might be a distraction from the Kitten Prophecy...but apparently Im not the only one who loves kittens...

Apparently a 42 year old man hacked into the San Francisco city records computer system and is being held at $5,000,000 bail. His defense attorney is on the money when he answers the question posed to him whether or not his client is, "A threat to society." He responded, "He didnt kill anybody and murders usually get $1,000,000 bail...." Continuing with, "Of course he's not a threat to society...He loves kittens, I mean, what do you want me to say."

Dear Mr. Defense Attorney,

I got a few Dar Far kittens I can spare...So, my offer to society is that if someone will purchase one of my kittens for $5,000,000 (which is a bargain for their going rate), I will post your client's bail with the money.


Trent Simpson, Kya and the Dar Far Kittens

ABC News Actual Video...

<My client likes kitties


Dar Far Kittens:


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