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Tuesday, July 29, 2008



Back on track I feel as though these canvass streets have led me astray...today.
I once felt like a butterfly pushpinned on velvet wall for all to display
Carved out of the wood block of what they like to call reality's fallacy
I felt as though my wings were snipped, clipped, punctured battered and bruised that led me to a period not just more than confused…

…but now that seems like a mere yesterday.

Despite my plight I flew relentlessly amongst that broken sky ,
pushpinned needles tore through treacherous terrors that charred my wingspan
And on that once and pondered day I looked down into an abyss of carpedted darkness…
Only to know the truths of what I truly miss…

But now its bliss, rebirth with a one start charcoal kiss
I now see from above that carpeted blanket of a deep abyss one that I used to truly miss, passing in the darkness as I sore towards new days with fresh suns rays

A glance at sunshine that diminishes in a cloudy haze
The kind that falls so blindly and screams relentlessly to deaf ears--
and those tears drip dreary relentlessness matters of abstract realities…
Scared, screaming…fears that no one seems to hear
that no one seems to hear
That NO ONE seems to…be here…for me, or you?
...and even then they still they tend to go unnoticed...

Now flying high in the pristine sky I can finally sense your five senses
Sensing me to sense something...sense something Wrong and begin to convey your subtle messages to the tune of a Siren's songs
But masked by your beauty I played your tune out of key
Lost one finger and my nine nails inch along the treble cleffs like blind lemmings led to miracles to see
Guided like the Titanic lost at sea...Its hard for me to Vitamin C...

Beacons of lighthouse hope arise preminitions around those fluttering ambitions...

Will I EVER be heard or just remain in the buffalo herd nibbling on grassy knolls inhaling inhibitions for the world to see my hopeless exhibitions
And each bite has an impact that intertwines in a seemless cycle that never seems to repeat exact
Never repeats exactly…in the same manner cause FUCK all your debutant manors and mannerisms
I try to find myself...again...amongst other lost and benign souls
So, if two lost souls make a right, the look at who is left
And this is where we find each other, beside one another.

Best kept secrets like lies illuminate starry skies with constellations that somehow don't fit astronomy’s description
I am, as they say, a Virgo--lost in the Milky Way
But if you are my painter the refill your brush and repaint these canvassed streets
So I can perform my glorious feats, I now walk barefoot on these prickly streets

Each stroke pinpoints where to go like topographic maps
Your scribbled contours guide me in search of more
And only begin to guide me on my never ending quest to explore
But as the lines intersect, I begin to realize that
…(there is nothing more)…
That the only constant is change and the only thing that is changing is alluding us
Brooding us, searching for us as we are searching for them
And now with my holy water glass no longer half empty--
Its full to the brim
Boiling over like melting pots of insignificant truths
Where the only constant is that nothing is for sure
But now my rekindled butterfly's wings can begin to flap free and pure
Finally completed my metamorphosis process outside knocking on your front door
And now its our time to soar
Like moving on forgetting memories like the Raven...Never More

We are the manifestation of the butterfly that flapped its wings in Kansas that caused earthquakes in Mongolia, Hurricanes in the Carribean and sunshine in Antarctica
My vase sits on a pedestal no longer broken, pieced back together and no longer full of misled misconceptions of immaculate conceptions
Reaching for new goals I encounter new challenges like overcoming the past...
Now that that has passed its time to remember to remember
and remember to release
Remember to remember and remember to release
Remember to release and your soul will be at ease
And now that release has released and relinquished my uninhibiting peace
Only to come to the realization of realizing that I lived through it
I am living through it
So what was it? And what IS it?
And it is…exactly that…that it WAS!
Simply this, now simply that...
Nothing more than what we just passed…the past.

-T Simp

‘Passed and Past’

Written around July 2004, edited July, 2008
Rekindled and published by T Simp, Oakland, CA
Dar Far for Life, This One and the Next!


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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Trent 'Hussein' Simpson

Instead of writing at length about the new use of my middle initial, changed from Hartman to 'Hussein' here are a few videos that may help to explain...Ill probably still write at length in the near future, but this is more entertaining anyway...

On Fox News, talk radio show personality Bill Cunningham repeatedly referred to Obama as "Barack Hussein Obama"

Summary: On Hannity's America, conservative radio talk-show host Bill Cunningham repeatedly called Sen. Barack Obama "Barack Hussein Obama." Discussing the Democratic presidential primaries, Cunningham asserted: "I've had a couple individuals tell me that after the so-called 'white voters' in Iowa and New Hampshire weighed in heavily, especially in Iowa, for Barack Hussein Obama and then in New Hampshire, Hillary kind of made a little bit of a comeback. There has been a conscious effort by Bubba [Bill] Clinton to smear and to slime Barack Hussein Obama on the race issue."

Fox News and Media Montage

Stephen Colbert's Hussein Name Calling Montage

2:47 The elderly retired Jews make reference to Hussein being Barack's middle name:

You Tube Movement

Barack Hussein Obama

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Monday, July 21, 2008

World Town is...

World Town thrives on creating an environment that harnesses a mix of eclectic individuals from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, sub cultures, and creativity. World Town creates a melting pot of unity where people can come together via music and entertainment in order to cross traditionally upheld borders--bringing people together for both awareness and entertainment value. World Town also incorporate a fundraising aspect to all of our parties, donating a portion of the profits to selected Organizations that fit the World Town memorandum. We at World Town are busting down the subtle nuances of cultural differences in order to bring everyone together so we call all flourish as a society and as humans. World Town is a place where we can learn from other people's values, celebrations, rituals, desires and passions. World Town events are fueled by passion, love, excitement and the energy created by the gathering of beautiful people. Together we create an event fueled by music, with visuals to enhance, awareness and human interaction…but the real elegance is the participation creating the movement and harnessing the ideas to create real change!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Great Column Draming Obama’s Political Views


Politico: Obama’s steady centrism

By: John P. Avlon

July 19, 2008 09:19 AM EST

Throughout the left-wing blogosphere, the cry has come: Barack Obama is moving away from them, and to the center. “Moving to the middle is for losers,” cried the politically ambidextrous Arianna Huffington. He’s “betraying his claims of being a new kind of politician,” declared Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos.

But all this outrage ignores the obvious: throughout his career, Obama has consistently framed himself as a post-partisan centrist. He’s been a bridge-builder all his life, first between black and white, and now between left and right.

It’s a formula for victory in a country that’s essentially center right. Even after all the alienation from the Bush administration, a new Washington Post/ABC poll affirms that only 19% of Americans describe themselves as liberal, while 43% say moderate and 35% conservative.

In his prime-time introduction to the American people, giving the nominating speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention, Obama drew the loudest applause when he proclaimed, “there's not a liberal America and a conservative America; there's the United States of America.”

Whole chapters in his post-Senate-election book “The Audacity of Hope” extol the virtues of centrism—condemning inflexible activists on the far-right and far-left for stopping progress and alienating Americans from the political process.

His first ad for president began by professing “we are one people” (an implicit dis to John Edwards’ “two Americas” riff) and then went on to establish his bipartisan bona fides, claiming that “In Illinois he brought Republicans and Democrats together, cutting taxes for workers and winning health care for children,” followed by a testimonial from Republican State Senator Kirk Dillard (a post-primary McCain delegate who’s since taken heat for the ad).

Obama’s primary stump speech was an attack on the partisan warfare that has paralyzed Washington—and he rose in part as the alternative to Hillary Clinton’s reputation for polarization. He won independent voters in open Democratic primaries by two to one, and had consistent wins among conservative red state Democrats outside of Appalachia.

This self-consciously centrist campaign framing is not the opportunistic smoke and mirrors his detractors describe. While he doesn’t have the deep centrist record that John McCain developed over two decades in the Senate—or the Profiles in Courage-esque political scars to prove it—he does have a real record of working across the aisle on fiscal discipline and national security, two key criteria for centrist voters.

The Coburn-Obama “Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act”—introduced with leading fiscal conservative Tom Coburn (R-OK) and passed in late 2006—created a searchable “Google for government” [www.usaspending.gov] that took a big step toward the spending transparency long advocated by conservatives from Grover Norquist to Newt Gingrich.

On national security, Obama authored legislation with Senator Dick Lugar (R-IN) to monitor and stop the illegal sale of WMDs and terrorist weapons like shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles. He worked with Senator Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) to require the President to submit to Congress a progress report on securing global nuclear stockpiles.

There is plenty more centrist substance among the 50-odd pages of policy proposals on the Obama campaign Web site. While cutting the military is a standard chorus from the liberal hymnal, Obama wants to increase the size of the military and he offers specifics—65,000 new soldiers for the overstretched Army and 27,000 new Marines. While he wants to let the Bush tax cuts expire for the 2% of American households who make more than $250,000 a year, Obama has taken the unusual step for a Democrat of proposing new tax cuts, including more than doubling the college tuition tax credit and eliminating income taxes altogether for Americans over 65 who make under $50,000 a year.

These are not exceptions. Obama positioned himself to the right of the Democratic primary pack on virtually every issue except Iraq. On health care, he was attacked for not having a single-payer plan that covered every American. While Clinton proposed a 90-day moratorium on foreclosures and a five-year freeze on interest rates, Obama’s instincts were comparatively free-market, less command and control.

Contrary to the stereotype of liberals stridently insisting on secularism, Obama is the first Democratic candidate since Jimmy Carter to make his Christian faith a cornerstone of his political appeal. He has been courting the evangelical center since the primaries. More recently, Jesse Jackson threatened to “cut his nuts off” because Obama’s focus on responsible inner-city fatherhood departed from the root-cause playbook of liberal victimhood. Even the founder of the centrist (and historically Clinton-boosting) DLC, Al From, now sees a kindred-spirit: “This general election, more than most we have seen, is going to be a battle for the center…the more we learn about Senator Obama's policies, the more we will see some of the policies the DLC has championed for years.”

Obama, whose grandmother voted for Nixon, does not buy into the mutual incomprehensibility of ideological politics. He hasn’t fallen into the over-heated Bush-hating that has consumed so many on the left. He even has some respectful words for Ronald Reagan—which he took fire for from fellow Democrats in the primaries. But like Reagan, and for that matter John McCain, Obama always makes a point of rhetorically reaching out, calling on “Democrats, Republicans and Independents” to rally around his candidacy.

Obama recognizes that his willingness to reach out to all sides, and eagerness to avoid labels, make his political personality something of a Rorscharch test. It’s inevitable that a politician inclined toward consensus will disappoint many of the true believers—especially those on the far left who see him as an avenging liberal angel. But those believers have misunderstood the roots of their candidate’s broad appeal: Far from an abrupt general election shift, Obama’s steady centrism has been the secret to his success.

John P. Avlon is the author of “Independent Nation: How Centrists Can Change American Politics.” He served as chief speechwriter and deputy policy director for Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

$5,000,000 Kitten for Bail

This might be a distraction from the Kitten Prophecy...but apparently Im not the only one who loves kittens...

Apparently a 42 year old man hacked into the San Francisco city records computer system and is being held at $5,000,000 bail. His defense attorney is on the money when he answers the question posed to him whether or not his client is, "A threat to society." He responded, "He didnt kill anybody and murders usually get $1,000,000 bail...." Continuing with, "Of course he's not a threat to society...He loves kittens, I mean, what do you want me to say."

Dear Mr. Defense Attorney,

I got a few Dar Far kittens I can spare...So, my offer to society is that if someone will purchase one of my kittens for $5,000,000 (which is a bargain for their going rate), I will post your client's bail with the money.


Trent Simpson, Kya and the Dar Far Kittens

ABC News Actual Video...

<My client likes kitties


Dar Far Kittens:


Friday, July 11, 2008


So watching Lou Dobbs tonight banter about how he thinks we should drill, stating that is true change...it prompted me to do a quick search on anwar...I thought it is coincidentally intriguing that the word "Anwar" according to Wikipedia: "Is an old Arabic name meaning 'luminous." As now ANWR is the subject for drilling for new sources of oil, it remains the last "luminous" area of untapped drilling...It is also a very "luminous" area full of stark beauty and untouched natural resources.

Monday, July 07, 2008

What is 'Baile Fidget?'

On Thursday July 10, 2008, World Town Presents launches a new party at Pink in SF entitle Baile Fidget. But what is this Baile Fidget? Well, in a nutshell, the name of the party stems from the first two words of the genres of music that will be explored at the party, Baile Funk and Fidget House--if you know what both of those generes are, stop reading and Ill see ou on Thursday. If not, let me try to give a very broad and vague overview of my persnal relationship with the music.

I admit that one of my worst moments as a guest in someone's house occured after I left my three month homestay in Paraguay. Almost a week or so before I left, my host brother bought a brand new real CD of a Brazilian band, Bonde do Tigrao. I was taken aback by the new sounds, the allure of cool Brazilian music and of course the lyrics...via a translation in Protinhol (Portuguese and Spanish) my host brother and his friends were trying to explain the lyric, "Chuchuka..." In any case, I needed to have he CD. I snuck it in my luggage as I was leaving, a self proclaimed suveniour ad thus stealing a prize possession of the household. However, bringing something new and different from Paraguay back the United States was more of a feat. When I arrived safely at my house, I called my family to tell them of my safe passage, and my little host brother asked me if I knew where the CD was...I didnt know what to say and told him I hadnt seen it, as it was in the stereo of my mom's player. Amongst my firends the music didnt have the same allure as it did with me and my Paraguayan friends, instead 'Maté' became a big hit. Later, Bonde do Tigrao's song was sampled by the Baha Men in the largest one hit wonder since the Macarena, "Who Let the Dogs Out."

Baile Funk came into my life again as I searched for research topics in my Latin American studies classes at George Washington. For two similar classes, I was assigned research papers with open ended topics for both classes. My tactful laziness side suggested to my practical side that if I chose one topic to do really really well, then I could essentially write the same paper for both classes...Thus, my two sides agreed that this wasnt necessarily a bad idea, but I would need a deep topic that I was passionate about that could take 2 different angels, I could chat up the topic with my professors, colleagues at the Brasilian Embassy, and draw on personal experience. Long story short, I picked the topic stemming from Social Cultural society structure issues in Brasil, which led to a case study of the drug traffickers in Brasilian Favelas acting as a replacement for the non existent Government in these areas, and in turn, their biggest affirmation of power and control stemmed from throwing the largest and best Baile Funk parties.

So thus, I have studied Baile Funk on a very scholarly level, receiving guidance from my professors, criticism from the diplomats at the Brasilian Embassy, and reading Mr. Paul Sneed's thesis on the movement. I then went to volunteer and experience the parties themselves by living in a Brasilian Favel (a whole different article to be written). Mr Sneed and my professor and mentor Alex Dent were the two co-founders of the organization 2 Brothers started in 1998. 2 Brothers is one of the first non-profit organizations based in Rocinha, one of the biggest Favelas in Rio, and home of Baile Funk. Zezinho, one of our DJs featured at Baile Fidget, does fundriasing for the 2 Brothers foundation and will be spinning some Baile Funk hits and classics at Baile Fidget.

In any case Baile Funk has made it to the US via innovators in culture and music, and good friend from San Diego Corey Biggs. We created a party last year called Brazilian Electro Funk, but were oppressed by larger egos who were trying more to sell products rather than create cool parties. Now, teaming up with DJs Trevor Simpson, Mr Biggs, Zezhinho and Richie Panic, the theory is back, a new innovative party combining styles of music you probably only hear when you are drunk surfing through myspace. Baile Funk and Fidget House meet World Town at Pink this Thursday, come REPRESENT THAT WORLD TOWN!!!

Chuchuka - Bonde do tigrao

Friday, July 04, 2008