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Friday, June 20, 2008

Philosophy no. 1

What is it that makes people do the things they do? Are we all searching for happiness, but come across reality in a society driven by distractions of pseudo-happiness? It has come time for people to really begin to understand where we are as humans on this planet, in this solar system and an intricately miniscule part of this universe. But we all are parts, from within and beyond. There exist energies much larger than that of the human mind, at least until this point, we all must begin to understand on a higher level. Abstract realities become reality, extraordinary becomes ordinary, things manifest themselves from deities to Gods, ancient souls to budding fresh love--it is an intricate make up that us as humanity have contemplated and struggled to understand. It is difficult and scary, beyond any level of comprehension, thus we put the blinders on and develop distractions. I know myself because I am easily succumb by these distractions. And for some lets call it, ethics, morality or even religion has attempted to define these principles. The common struggle between good versus evil, or how I see it in our society today, true happiness versus a distracted reality of unhappiness and misery. There are so many distractions, that for some it arrives at the level of sheer and utter abomination and neglect for the good things that will allow us to see beyond what society has constructed. So thus why has society constructed itself in such a manner? If everything is such a master plan, then why is there suffering, hatred, violence, greed, money and material objects that fit into a very intricately woven society of our global world constructed to oppress many, distinguish some, hinder other, repress the masses and seduce the majority to confirm seamlessly into the master plan. But this constructed almost perfect master plan has taken its toll too far and the strong people are starting to understand, confide in each other, and use their ancient knowledge to rebuild faith in the human spirit. Its not a coincidence that certain grandiose events occur that spark like a scatter bomb into pockets of flourishing and wise people around the world. It doesn't matter who they are or what they do, we all see a common overarching theme and it is time now to realize that this is not simply a manifestation of our minds hoping that something else truly exists, but a time to actually believe that this is true, unite people of faith, people of no faith, different religions, cultures, history, past, present and future...the time is now! If the time is not now, there will be no time. We all have waited, and it must lead to something...be strong, be proud, protect yourself and then one can alleviate their fright. There is no need to be scared, but one must be strong within themselves first. Protect yourself and elevate yourself to see the truth, because from what I can see, the truth is infinite, just like the universe. The intrinsic truth lies within its creator, a creator if infinity, always growing and always expanding. As one loves, the universe expands, happiness and positivity are the pure untouched forces that reign supreme. It is not a coincidence that good always prevails over evil. Fill yourself with good, fill the world with good, open your gates to feel the purest form of all things divine, and everything will be fine.

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thelovemovement said...

Nice, Trent - def trying to get rid of the distractions as well; staying positive and searching out the love in everyone. Keep seeking the truth, Trente!