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Heavenly Light
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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

MIA Walks Into a Bar (Champions League Repost...)

MIA walks into a hotel lobby and sees a group of travelers hangin out...

"I was bored...I need a new 'Drogba...'' MIA stated.

"Don't go in the bathroom--I just took a Messy Kaká," said the Scottsman.

"Ya, Riquelme with that stench, you got to light a match," said the Brasilian.

"Ballaks!" said the Brit, "Im a get me another Klose of Guiness--any takers?"

"No man, Im gonna play some ping-pong--I be tryin to Mascherano my serve man!" said the Jamaican.

"Lets go" said the Dutchman as he Beckhamed him over to the ping-pong Rooney.

But the Jamaican was already too busy smokin some Drogba.

"Damn, I Totti was gonna come play with me," Complained the Dutchman.

"Dida see dat?! That crazy American just rolled by in his Ford Zidane. What a Buffon!" exlaimed the Jamaican.

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