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Sunday, May 18, 2008

An Investigation on the 'Bay to Breakers'

So tomorrow seems to be the big day...the Bay to Breakers race in San Francisco. Having moved to the Bay Area a little more than a year ago, I have not experienced the Bay to Breakers or many other dubbed 'San Francisco' events. Anyone who lives in San Francisco knows that people here are a little more crazy than people in practically any other place. Having lived in a formidable amount of crazy places, and Growing up in Boulder, CO with comperably weird collection of people and festivals such as the Bolder Boulder and Kenetics...I can officially vouch that San Francisco is full of people who are literally 'off their rockers.' As I write this, in no way do I mean to deny any ludicrous acts I myself have partaken in here in San Francisco, but it is fun to do a little research into the traditions and lifestyles of people that get to be accentuated on a few certain days of the year with exclamation points...And just for the record, it is quite insightful to learn about all these groups and potentially look into being a member...Just hearing of the idea of the Salmon swimmers, who run the 'Bakers to Bay' race, 'coincidentally on the same day as humans run the Bay to Breakers' It goes with my ideals of going against the norm, keeping people on their toes and as the Cacophony Society deems 'Against the Ordinary. Their mission statement is as follows:

"The Cacophony Society is a randomly gathered network of individuals united in the pursuit of experiences beyond the pale of mainstream society through subversion, pranks, art, fringe explorations and meaningless madness."


Wherein the website given another select your own style mission statement...mine reads as follows...(note you can go to the website and make your own...which depending on m mood is fun to mix and match...)

We are the 'one who rearranges things in your house when you aren't looking.'
the 'fog that moves faster than traffic'
the 'safari guides to a landscape that few people know exist'
and the 'holy spirits of cultural fermentation.'

I think it warrants a nice mission statement for International Vagabond...thanks Cacophony Society for helping to streamline my random, idealistically skewed thoughts that must remain retained like a 13 year old who just got his braces off retainer...And I must thank my childhood orthodontist for giving me the living vibrancy of that analogy with experimental orthodontics...

Ill see you there somewhere smiling at the Bay to Breakers, cheering on the salmon runners, cultivating our World Town, and especially being Dar Far!

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