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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dedicated to our Mother!!!

Ode to my Mother...

I was working at my bar last night and had the privilege to serve a few people who brought their mothers in for a night of dinner and drinks. As I was serving them, I was somewhat jealous that they had the opportunity to take their mothers out. Unfortunately my wonderful mother is back at home in Colorado, and I am out in California, and alas we cannot be together for her sons to take her out on mothers day. So thus, I will try to do my best...with a virtual blog of what our loving mother deserves on this glorious Mother's Day.

Mothers Day Menu (For Debby Bell, my mother...to be redeemed in the near future...)

Breakfast in Bed:

I would probably start by putting on Abba or the Beatles White Album, or maybe even Starlight Express (playing) brewing some coffee and boiling water for tea...hopefully my mom would be up but not leaving her bed, maybe some tennis or Meet the Press on the TV. If she were staying at our house in CA I would have got delicious butter and flaky croissants from La Boulange bakery, or if we were in Colorado, probably from Le Francais. I would experiment with a new fusion dish that is oh so delicious...Croissant French Toast...with side of slightly crispy bacon, melon and extra greasy hash browns.

Croissant, Moms favorite food

Shoulder Massage:

I grew up giving my mother back rubs, her shoulders have always been very tense. I often was able to give her 30 minute back rub gift certificates for Christmas or Birthday...but this service comes courtesy after she finally makes it out of bed with a full stomach...


Maybe we do a little spring cleaning, spruce up the back patio and I clean all the had to get places and annoying areas...we feel accomplished and bond of a nice day of fun gardening and spring cleaning...

Lilly of the Valley (Mom's favorite flower)

And maybe even let her take me to the haircutter to do a little spring cleaning of my own, I know she always wants me to cut my hair...


Starlight Express Moms Favorite Musical

I would take her to lunch if she is not too full from breakfast in bed and then afterwards head to a matinee or a movie, then to a delicious outdoor patio for a cosmo...I owe it all to my mom for teaching me how to make the best cosmos from when I used to bartend for her and her 'girls' for her fun little FAC and Tuesday night bridge parties!

Yes this only touches at highlighting how awesome my mother is. From learning how to make cosmos, to running caipirinha bars, to dancing the night away at Insomnia...From slightly crispy bacon to my purple Saturn, from learning how to deliver a perfect breakfast in bed to the perfect back rub, from knowing all the words to thousands of musicals, Abba and the Beatles, and everything in between...I owe everything to my mother...Thank you Mom, I love you!!!

But alas, I have to go to work again today, and my mother is still in Colorado...but I hope that we can make true on her ambition to get each of her son's to visit...and thus we dont need the calendar to tell us when mother's day is, because when the day arrives where we are together...Reinacting the aforementioned Mothers Day Menu

Some photos of you boys...I know all you really wanted were large 8x10 of us...so here are some options...


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