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Friday, April 11, 2008

Awesome vs. Awesome: Murs vs. Grouch

Hmmm...this is a tricky one...I am a long time Grouch fan as he inspired me greatly through my adolescence...one of the first and most relateable white rapper besides Slug who I could really vibe with vs. Murs the newer really cool rapper with Living Legends who I never really got down with until recently, but his rhetoric just makes perfect sense...

"Bad Man"

"Yo Im sick of this phone tag, text message foreplay
I like to be spontaneous, thats my forté"

"But I kinda feel bad even though I didnt even do shit..."

"But im careful with my heart and who I let up in my world..."

Plus Im def in love with the girl driving the car in this video...

"Ill tell you what you want to hear and make it the truth..."


The Grouch

I have way too many favorite Grouch tracks and lines...so I didnt want to sacrafice them up for slaughter, but I thought this video was kinda cool and formidable for the Murs/Grouch off...

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