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Monday, April 21, 2008

World Town is 'Dar Far'

World Town is Dar Far. This is a true statement. As the Dar Farness has spread through the depths of the SF nightlife industry scene, one can only hope that the next jump and general consensus meaning of dar far is more than a slang, but a lifestyle and philosophy for how the world can co-exist in a time where humanity needs to be united through its people, not divided and separated by governments, bureaucracies, money, and oppression...its amazing how in such a 'free world' so many of us cease to exist and/or understand anything beyond the day to day lives of each other...Thats why World Town, in conjunction with the basic principles of Dar Far, encourage the flourishing growth of meeting new people from all over the world via a means of entertainment in order to celebrate all of our heritage and learn from each other!

Check it, this Saturday April 26th at Temple is gonna be a boomtastic mix of eclectic individuals from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, sub cultures, style, sophistication, and unity of people for a commonality to cross traditionally upheld borders of non intermingling...we at World Town are busting down the subtle nuances of cultural differences in order to bring everyone together...We want to bring everyone together so we call all flourish as a society, where we can learn from other people's values, celebrations, rituals, desires and passions, at World Town this will come together at an event fueled by music, with visuals to enhance, but the real elegance is the people who come...so im challenging everyone to come to World Town with your A game, to Show me What you Got...if you got belly dancing skills, show it off, if you got break dancing skills, show me what you got, if you got sexy stilletto runway walking skills, show it off, if you got old school house pent up in a recession of escaping freedom, show me what you got...I got a whole lot of bad white boy dancing and provocation of show me what you gots happening for real! Bring it on, show me what you got, represent that World Town!

World Town is 'Dar Far'


Friday, April 18, 2008

Obama for Hip Hop and Hip Hop for Obama!

Barack Obama on Hip Hop

Hip Hop for Obama

World Town for Obama!

...Obama for World Town!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Masters is 'A Tradition Unlike Any Other'

From Arnold Palmer to Jack Nicholson, Vijay Sing to Tiger Woods, Fred Couples to Sergio Garcia, he Masters, the most renowned and prestigious major tournament in golf, is full of tradition 'unlike any other.' Golf is an intricate game that pits one against the subtleties of nature on an 18 hole course against ones own mind and a complicated swing; where 275 yard drives count exactly the same as 2 1/2" inch putts, trees can be your enemy and a good lie can be your best friend. With the times changing and technologies skyrocketing out of control, we often see traditions dwindle away in sports. At the Masters however, there are many facets and small nuances that remain the same through the trials of time. The scoreboard is still run by humans, the roughs are extra long and pine straw rests beyond the roughs under the baroque cottonwoods that line Agusta. The caddies all still wear white and the greens have more contours, sandtraps and water hazards than San Francisco.

During the past four days I have heard a lot of my friends criticize and balk at the fact that I have set time apart to enjoy watching the Masters on TV. Often, even good friends of mine cantankerously comment that I should be doing other things like watching grass grow, or eagerly awaiting paint dry. In fact, in my at my house in Oakland I have taken a new hobby of watching grass grow. It has been m goal to turn a lot, originally a busted parking lot full of run down school buses, into a flourishing oasis of luscious grass and a small garden full of vibrant fresh ingredients to shake up in my carefully constructed, intricate homemade cocktails. Thus, this requires being at home more and reminiscing on my childhood Sundays where m brother and I had chores that rotated, from mowing the lawn to vacuuming the stairs, or helping mom plant her spring garden and learning the difference between annuals and perennials. While all this labour was going on, my father would keenly supervise and then sneak away to the couch where his carefully constructed turkey sandwich and bag icey cold Coca Cola served as the perfect golf watching lunch. The golf on the TV made me excited to do my chores--there was nothing more boring than watching golf with my dad as he munched on a bag of Lays Classic potato chips. In fact, after his lunch, he would drift off into a peaceful Sunday afternoon slumber only to wake up right as the leaders make their walk to the 16th or 17th hole fairways.

Tiger Woods came onto the golf scene young and ferocious, and has now created some traditions all his own. For example he always wears red on Sunday. In his first appearance as a pro at the Masters, he destroyed the competition beyond comprehension, sending waves through a sport marked by tradition, etiquette and grace. Changes needed to be made at Agusta in order to 'Tiger-proof' the course. Now, today being Sunday, and Tiger woods is 5 strokes behind two new rookies, we can only grit our teeth in the excitement of the traditions of Sunday golf watching. I know that my brother and I, now living together again are both secretly excited about fixing up a lawn mower that was bequeathed to us, planting annuals and checking up on the perennials, vacuuming the stairs and having a turkey sandwich making party and binge on those oh so deliciously gluttonous potato chips...I however always perferred Ruffles, so that is one subtle change to a tradition that evolves with the times.

With a health conscience movement away from soda pop and potato chips, and now with HD flat panel television, setting aside some time to relax and let the commentators woo you to sleep as the utter subtle metaphors as each drive, putt, chip and seven iron is hit and how those have become more relevant as I learned the game throughout my life, watching the Masters and doing a little spring cleaning as become a tradition in and of itself. Don't tell my boss, Im calling in sick on Monday to play 18.

PS FedEx takes the cake for effective golf advertising 'We Understand...' Damn Im glad I dont have a job like that...

Friday, April 11, 2008

Awesome vs. Awesome: Murs vs. Grouch

Hmmm...this is a tricky one...I am a long time Grouch fan as he inspired me greatly through my adolescence...one of the first and most relateable white rapper besides Slug who I could really vibe with vs. Murs the newer really cool rapper with Living Legends who I never really got down with until recently, but his rhetoric just makes perfect sense...

"Bad Man"

"Yo Im sick of this phone tag, text message foreplay
I like to be spontaneous, thats my forté"

"But I kinda feel bad even though I didnt even do shit..."

"But im careful with my heart and who I let up in my world..."

Plus Im def in love with the girl driving the car in this video...

"Ill tell you what you want to hear and make it the truth..."


The Grouch

I have way too many favorite Grouch tracks and lines...so I didnt want to sacrafice them up for slaughter, but I thought this video was kinda cool and formidable for the Murs/Grouch off...

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

World Town Supports the Olympics not Genocide...

My grandfather, and my greatest and most influential role model, wrote a book in 1984 entitled Olympic Thrills...to be honest, I have never read the book, and unfortunately I dont think many other people have either, (I was able to purchase it for $1,84 on biblio.com just now, and am paying a total of $5.73 with shipping) however my take on the premise of the book is that it focuses on the triumph as athletes and human accomplishments in spite of political rhetoric. During the span of the Olympic games countries have decided to boycott for political reasons, such as the United States boycott of the 1980 Olympic games held in Moscow, and vice-versa with the Russian boycott of the games held in 1984 in LA.

In the study of International Relations, the cold war is basically the premise for 97% of the classes. After World War II the world became divided between two 'hegemons' (a hegemon may be defined as a state or power that can dictate the policies of all other powers in its vicinity, or that is able to defeat any other power or combination of powers that it might be at war) which were the United States and Russia after the surrender of Germany and Japan. It is an era in history marked by two ideologies that defined world politics and still does define world politics today. A battle of Communism vs. Capitalism where each country decided to assert its influence and power in order to spread ideologies and create allies in a divided world. As we all know, the end of the Cold Was is symbolized with the falling of the Berlin Wall and thus the triumph of the United States, Western Capitalism and allegedly liberal democracy as a template for how a nation should govern its people in a fair and democratic way that will contribute to a world wide capitalistic economy--or as a bunch of diplomats call the Washington Consensus.

Now, with China, a communist nation, on the forefront of global news, attention is being drawn to politics and injustices that are occuring around the world, most importantly the civil was in Sudan and Chinese oppression of Tibet. Thus, in light of running the Olympic torch around the world, thousands of protesters have taken to the streets in Paris and will tomorrow, Wednesday, in San Francisco to raise attention on these conflicts that are so shrewdly hidden behind bureaucratic doors of large institutions such as the United Nations. It seems like everyone likes a good ol' fashioned protest, but do people really know what is actually happening around the world?

We need to educate ourselves on world politics.

We need to come together as humans.

We need to see beyond bureaucracies and be led by real leaders who inspire and encourage us to be better as a race of people, a human race, not led by an oppressive opportunistic group of small individuals who dont mind killing people and spending ungodly amounts of money for oil.

It is a time where people need to start coming out of their shells and start having real conversations.

Educate yourself, educate others around you, think freely, independently and conscientiously, learn...


Long-awaited Olympic torch route announced; city leaders condemn China in statement
Wyatt Buchanan, Chronicle Staff Writer April 1 2008

"The April 9 torch relay will start with an opening ceremony at McCovey Cove, travel along the Embarcadero, run past Fisherman’s Wharf and briefly through the Marina District and back along the Embarcadero to Justin Herman Plaza, a spokeswoman for San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom said. A closing ceremony is scheduled to take place at the plaza.

The event will start at 1 p.m. and it will take the torch about an hour and a half to traverse the approximately 6-mile route, according to Giselle Barry, the spokeswoman for Newsom.

Mayor Gavin Newsom said an area in front of the Ferry Building - the route’s end point - will be designated for protesters. No groups will need a permit to protest, he said, adding that more protesters are expected along the route than in the designated areas.

Officials said protesters will also be allowed in Union Square, Portsmouth Square, Civic Center and Washington Square, although those areas are generally far from the torch’s announced route.

Several groups that plan on protesting the event say it has been difficult to organize their followers without the torch route.

Newsom warned activist groups to remember that the Olympics aren’t about politics but about the performance of athletes and "the spirit of unity and the things that unite us.

"Don’t protest the torch bearers," Newsom said. "Please separate your condemnation from the person who’s running (with the torch) or in a wheelchair carrying the torch."'

World Town is an organization that is alive...our intent is entertainment but our goal is uniting people as people, allowing them various outlets to be who they are in this World. We all come from different backgrounds, and are proud of them. At the World Town parties, it is a time to celebrate who we really are...for people to come together and cross the boundaries of a sheltered lifestyle, meet someone new, dance to a beat that makes you move, embrace life and freedom...World Town is a movement, collective with a budding group of innovative individuals who are inspired by people, and how extreme others can be in regards to killing, genocide, civil war, capitalism, communism, oppression, freedom, and creativity.

Come join us in this movement, World Town will meet at 1:00 in Union Square in San Francisco to partake in this protest...

From late night quesadilla eviction parties, backyard BBQs, to large scale celebrations in nightclubs, and in a few years a world wide party...we are citizens of the world, we are World Town!

Organize your people...come find me on Wednesday...come find me any day...come talk to me about the world, the Washington Consensus or anything that may matter to you, to me, to anyone!

"People are people, why cant you see..."

Friday, April 04, 2008

$40 mil aint bad...

The Trail: Obama Nets $40 Million in March

Updated 11:01 a.m.

By Matthew Mosk

Sen. Barack Obama has raised nearly $130 million so far this year and $240 million over the duration of his presidential campaign, according to the latest numbers released by his campaign.

The staggering figures are the result of a furious pace of fundraising that continued last month -- he cleared the $40 million mark in March, according to a release issued by the campaign this morning.

"Senator Obama has always said that this campaign would rise or fall on the willingness of the American people to become partners in an effort to change our politics and start a new chapter in our history," campaign manager David Plouffe said in a statement e-mailed to reporters. "Today we're seeing the American people's extraordinary desire to change Washington, as tens of thousands of new contributors joined the more than a million Americans who have already taken ownership of this campaign for change."

Clinton campaign fundraisiers said this morning she raised more than $20 million in March.

"I take my hat off to them," said Hassan Namazee, one of Clinton's fundraising chairmen.

Namazee said the Clinton campaign is very happy with the numbers they are posting. "We will have the resources necessary to compete in the states in the months of April, May and June," he said. "This is not a campaign that will run out of cash."

Obama's haul came from more than 442,000 contributors -- roughly half of whom contributed to the campaign for the first time, the campaign said. The average contribution was $96.


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Still Reppin that Wold Town

This Friday World Town co-hosts with Ruby Skye Chris Lake and Trevor Simpson at Ruby Skye! Stay tuned for more World Town Party updates!