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Monday, February 25, 2008

Trents Dictionary: New Word, "Grandfatherism"



"A feeling of being overwhelmed by the internets."

For Example: "I had a case of 'grandfatherism' when I tried to look up an old friend on facebook and couldnt even navigate to my own profile because too many people were challenging me to hair offs and throwing Hillary at me and stuff..."



"What grandfathers commonly refer to as the 'Internet'"

Created by: Trent Simpson
I.V. 2008

Stay tuned, coming soon a the beginning of the publication of "Trevonics"

Trevonics: Words my brother, Trevor Simpson, makes up that are definitely incorrect but audaciously correct considering timing and context of usage.

Note: I do not claim credit for the actual inventing of the word "Trevonics" that honor goes to one of my Dad's friends on a week long backpacking trip in Canyonlands after my brother allegedly used the word "conspiracizing" instead of the correct usage, "conspiring."

Another note: This alleged inventor of the world "Trevonics", is also famous for shouting out, "Cacti in the-i leggi" after chasing down a frisbee and diving straight into a large prickly cactus...you do the math...

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