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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Temple: A Green Nightclub

There are many reasons why Temple has become the new home of our party, World Town. One reason that I wanted to highlight is that Temple is a totally green nightclub...check it out!!


Greening Zen Compound:

Tired of the traditionally wasteful nature of the hospitality industry, in 2004 Paul Hemming, owner and founder of Zen Compound, set his sights on creating the greenest nightclub in the world. The result: Hemmings created the foundation for a living, breathing hub for recreation, culture and education that strictly adheres to the triple bottom line of People, Profit and Planet.

Current Initiatives:

Massive carbon emission reductions been seen since Hemmings hired Mike Zuckerman as Director of Sustainability in January 2007:

Recycling initiatives:

* Intensive recycling and composting facilities --71% of the building's waste is recycled or composted
* All events are "low-to-zero waste" – no petroleum-based products allowed (corn cups and straws)
* All used kitchen grease is donated to www.gotgrease.org for bio-diesel fuel preparation.

Energy initiatives:

* PG&E Energy Audit – Zen Compound is retrofitting all lighting and will receive a $17,000 rebate
* PG&E's ClimateSmart™ voluntary climate protection program – Zen Compound and PG&E work to neutralize the company's energy use.

Leadership/Partnerships/Strategic Alliances:

* Business Council on Climate Change (BC3) – Mike Zuckerman sits on the BC3 advisory council, heads a key working group and hosts member events.
* Partnerships for Change – Zen Compound has donated a permanent office space and hosted events for them.

Plans for the Future:

* The installation of vertical gardens to re-green the urban landscape
* Piezoelectric dance floor that harnesses dancers' energy and converts it into electricity
* Building integrated solar panels whereby photovoltaic cells are built into the building's façade
* Resource monitoring systems to manage and set targets for utility use
* An urban wind-mill to generate wind-powered energy

Hosting Green Achievers:

Since January 2007 hundreds of space donation beneficiaries have attended events hosted free of charge at the Zen Compound

* BC3 all-member meeting,
* John Edwards political rally
* The Tibetan Oracle on his first public visit to the United States

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