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Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Silk Road of Life...

Its kind of a funny story, and I guess maybe good, (or not so good) for Valentine's Day about how I once fell in love with a girl after she showed me a catalogue...Well I guess not just any catalogue, the Geographic Expeditions bi annual catalogue...the most beautiful catalogue this side of the fashion spectrum. She turned the pages ever so delicately as if they were gold foil and would crumble if you didnt treat them with respect. But I must give Geographic Expeditions credit for their beauty and eloquence in their catalogue. I fell in love with a girl as we drifted from one corner to another, basking in their pages from Patagonia to Azerbaijan, Burma to Borneo and back...My love for her that night also opened the doors to a potential future career path, adventure travel and eco-tourism. As an avid traveler and prophetic fan of languages and culture and striving to succeed in different societies, I can dream of nothing better than to be able to get paid to travel. Looking at that catalogue made me want to travel to small villages in Mongolia, something I had thought of and then pushed aside as ludircris because who in their right mind would WANT to go to Outer Mongolia...I do...an apparently at least a handful of prriveledged GeoEx clients as they feature a Mongolia trip.

I have always wanted to be a travel writer for Lonely Planet or Rough Guide, but instead started my blog that has been far from any real travel writing I planned on doing...I fled to Brasil to start my own eco-friendly bed and breakfast and interviewed for the job of a lifetime as a trip-leader for Backroads. Now, Ironically almost exactly 1 year after we broke up and have tragically not spoken...I sit on the eve of an interview with that very same company that started it all...Geographic Expeditions...And whether or not I get the job, its still nice to be able to know that when i cast my line out into a hole where I think there should be fish, if you are patient enough and use the right fly, you might just catch the big one....now its time to reel it in!!!

Go to www.geoex.com and maybe you too will fall in love...

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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Mirabelle said...

Happy Valentines Day Love! Beautiful post. Best of luck on your interview. Fingers tightly crossed on the East Coast.