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Monday, February 25, 2008


So I dont know if anyone else has noticed...but the internet, or at least those social networks like facebook and myspace have become quite a bit more complicated than they started out as...People are throwing Barack at me on facebook, where back when it started there was simply just the poke feature...no one ever really knew what a poke was meant for....but i must admit i love the poke...and now with all this hullabaloo on the super poke and what not, poking has gotten way to serious...and to the extent where I simply dont try to deal with all that anymore...but believe me I am quite tempted...but just as I gave up AIM chat, I try to cut down my useless nonsensical fun on these alleged social websites...because a) I dont want anyone to truly get to know me via the internet... but b) I am my own personal hypocrite because I keep this blog, and hope that one day someone out there will find it (it may even be me) and comment on whatever it is that I typed about...but even online, I think I am quite shy, I try to stay away from getting too personal, or talking about the people that I know and love, or things that happen...all things that I would like to write stories about...but then I realized that people may enjoy reading about how they interact with me in my life...So my knew pledge for my blog is to be real...write about the things I do and the experiences in life that make me who I am and the motivations for the things that I do...which, in some cases, I dont even know, so maybe I can serve this as a lesson for myself, to look back on some day, or to entertain someone else in a far off place, or to spur curiosity and creativity...

Which brings me back to enthralling...In any case, Ive noticed that on myspace, the blog options are a little different than the ones here...for example you can choose from a list of emotions on how you were feeling when you posted this blog...so the other day I put "enthralled" because as sad as it may sound, I do get enthralled by writing in my blog...

Anyways, my friend (not necessarily a native english speaker) inquired as to what exactly "enthralled" meant...I liked the concept of this question, because i like to get enthralled in something, especially if it is a passion...and thus realized it is one of those words which I dont know if it has a name, but kinda like onomatopoeia, which is "or a grouping of words that imitates the sound it is describing, suggesting its source object, such as "click," "clang," "buzz," or animal noises such as "oink", "quack", "flap", "slurp", or "meow" (Source = Wikipedia.org) ...except more like you can only describe being enthralled by remembering something that was indeed enthralling...so thus if you cant pinpoint a moment when you were enthralled, its hard to actually comprehend the full context and usage of the word.

So tonight, after quite an exciting day...I wanted to come home and finally watch the second movie in the trilogy of films: Koyaanisqatsi, Powaqqatsi, and Naqoyqatsi. Writing about these films may be my goal for 2008...but nevertheless long story short, about half way through Powaqqatsi, I had to pick up the phone and tell my friend that I figured out how to perfectly define "enthralled."

Find yourself a couple hours of free time, grab a comfortable chair and free yourself of distractions and put on one of the movies, I recommend Koyaanisqatsi first if you havent seen it, and watch the whole thing...like I said without distractions, maybe a big TV and a sweet sound system, and then you will truly be able to understand what I consider a true emotion and pretty damn good definition of the word "enthralled."

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Anonymous said...

I am enthralled about this one! :-)