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Friday, February 29, 2008

Trent's (and Becky's) Dictionary: Dar Far

For starters: (Quoting Becky...)

Dar Far Adjective, Verb, and Noun- The farthest place from Darfur; Nachos; An island where people that think they're famous **ahem** trent and becky** go to run away from reality; People that name drop other people that are famous to make themselves famous; Paris in the spring time; a sauce you dip chicken into; Beer; Beans; Tampax; People that are awesome enough to scare away crackheads; a language that sounds a lot like Farsi.... more tbd.

I think I'm going to go post this on urban dictionary too, it's going to catch on my friend... we are, after-all famous.



Save Dar Far

Let me get suma dat dar far


Its a long story...or not...depending on how you perceive long stories...I guess it all started when I got a new cell phone with a strange "qwertyisque" keyboard...only that the predictive text messaging just doesnt really cut it..If you have ever got a text message with a few exotic misspellings, you may be able to relate...So one of my text messages got a little out of hand with misspellings of far and dar etc...but Becky and I decided to run with it, and run with it we did, by dar far...

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Anonymous said...

We ran with it by Dar Far right to God Damn Dar Far awesomeville!