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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Awesome vs. Awesome...Gangsta Rap Showdown...

Ok the ultimate awesome gangsta rap showdown...do you go with Dre and the Chronic where Snoop got his start...or the most legit ghetto anthem where Snoop becomes his own man...

Dr. Dre feat Snoop Dog

"Nuttin but a G Thang"

The Chronic

The girl in this video may still be the #1 scantly clad perfectly bitchy looking video hoe that makes everyone super stoked to see to hommies douse her with frosty ice cold 40s straight out of the 40 oz only fridge!!!


Snoop Dog

"Gin and Juice"

You know a lot of this didnt really make sense to my uncorrupted mind when I first got down to these songs when I was 12...it all makes sense to me now!!!

PS...What ever happened to music videos...they sure dont be makin them like this no more, shoot...

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