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Friday, February 29, 2008

Awesome vs. Awesome--Resivoir Dogs Pictures: Paradise vs. Paradise

We all remember the classic scene in Quentin Terrantino's Resivoir Dogs where the gang is walking in away in the alley...well Im not ashamed to admit that I have spent my life traveling around the world trying to reinact that moment in cinema history...just in different settings...try this one...

Circling the Islha de Boipeba, Bahia



Walking from Arrial D'Ajuda to Trancoso, Bahia


Michael Franti vs. Saul Williams..."Power to the Peaceful"

For real...these are probably two of the most conscience artists and wordsmiths in my day...

Power to the Peaceful

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Trent's (and Becky's) Dictionary: Dar Far

For starters: (Quoting Becky...)

Dar Far Adjective, Verb, and Noun- The farthest place from Darfur; Nachos; An island where people that think they're famous **ahem** trent and becky** go to run away from reality; People that name drop other people that are famous to make themselves famous; Paris in the spring time; a sauce you dip chicken into; Beer; Beans; Tampax; People that are awesome enough to scare away crackheads; a language that sounds a lot like Farsi.... more tbd.

I think I'm going to go post this on urban dictionary too, it's going to catch on my friend... we are, after-all famous.



Save Dar Far

Let me get suma dat dar far


Its a long story...or not...depending on how you perceive long stories...I guess it all started when I got a new cell phone with a strange "qwertyisque" keyboard...only that the predictive text messaging just doesnt really cut it..If you have ever got a text message with a few exotic misspellings, you may be able to relate...So one of my text messages got a little out of hand with misspellings of far and dar etc...but Becky and I decided to run with it, and run with it we did, by dar far...

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sometimes they got me thinkin the same thing...

Black Eyed Peas, "Where is the Love"

Source: www.youtube.com

*Embed disabled by artist request...*

Trents Dictionary: New Word, "Grandfatherism"



"A feeling of being overwhelmed by the internets."

For Example: "I had a case of 'grandfatherism' when I tried to look up an old friend on facebook and couldnt even navigate to my own profile because too many people were challenging me to hair offs and throwing Hillary at me and stuff..."



"What grandfathers commonly refer to as the 'Internet'"

Created by: Trent Simpson
I.V. 2008

Stay tuned, coming soon a the beginning of the publication of "Trevonics"

Trevonics: Words my brother, Trevor Simpson, makes up that are definitely incorrect but audaciously correct considering timing and context of usage.

Note: I do not claim credit for the actual inventing of the word "Trevonics" that honor goes to one of my Dad's friends on a week long backpacking trip in Canyonlands after my brother allegedly used the word "conspiracizing" instead of the correct usage, "conspiring."

Another note: This alleged inventor of the world "Trevonics", is also famous for shouting out, "Cacti in the-i leggi" after chasing down a frisbee and diving straight into a large prickly cactus...you do the math...


So I dont know if anyone else has noticed...but the internet, or at least those social networks like facebook and myspace have become quite a bit more complicated than they started out as...People are throwing Barack at me on facebook, where back when it started there was simply just the poke feature...no one ever really knew what a poke was meant for....but i must admit i love the poke...and now with all this hullabaloo on the super poke and what not, poking has gotten way to serious...and to the extent where I simply dont try to deal with all that anymore...but believe me I am quite tempted...but just as I gave up AIM chat, I try to cut down my useless nonsensical fun on these alleged social websites...because a) I dont want anyone to truly get to know me via the internet... but b) I am my own personal hypocrite because I keep this blog, and hope that one day someone out there will find it (it may even be me) and comment on whatever it is that I typed about...but even online, I think I am quite shy, I try to stay away from getting too personal, or talking about the people that I know and love, or things that happen...all things that I would like to write stories about...but then I realized that people may enjoy reading about how they interact with me in my life...So my knew pledge for my blog is to be real...write about the things I do and the experiences in life that make me who I am and the motivations for the things that I do...which, in some cases, I dont even know, so maybe I can serve this as a lesson for myself, to look back on some day, or to entertain someone else in a far off place, or to spur curiosity and creativity...

Which brings me back to enthralling...In any case, Ive noticed that on myspace, the blog options are a little different than the ones here...for example you can choose from a list of emotions on how you were feeling when you posted this blog...so the other day I put "enthralled" because as sad as it may sound, I do get enthralled by writing in my blog...

Anyways, my friend (not necessarily a native english speaker) inquired as to what exactly "enthralled" meant...I liked the concept of this question, because i like to get enthralled in something, especially if it is a passion...and thus realized it is one of those words which I dont know if it has a name, but kinda like onomatopoeia, which is "or a grouping of words that imitates the sound it is describing, suggesting its source object, such as "click," "clang," "buzz," or animal noises such as "oink", "quack", "flap", "slurp", or "meow" (Source = Wikipedia.org) ...except more like you can only describe being enthralled by remembering something that was indeed enthralling...so thus if you cant pinpoint a moment when you were enthralled, its hard to actually comprehend the full context and usage of the word.

So tonight, after quite an exciting day...I wanted to come home and finally watch the second movie in the trilogy of films: Koyaanisqatsi, Powaqqatsi, and Naqoyqatsi. Writing about these films may be my goal for 2008...but nevertheless long story short, about half way through Powaqqatsi, I had to pick up the phone and tell my friend that I figured out how to perfectly define "enthralled."

Find yourself a couple hours of free time, grab a comfortable chair and free yourself of distractions and put on one of the movies, I recommend Koyaanisqatsi first if you havent seen it, and watch the whole thing...like I said without distractions, maybe a big TV and a sweet sound system, and then you will truly be able to understand what I consider a true emotion and pretty damn good definition of the word "enthralled."

Saturday, February 23, 2008

MIA "World Town" Lyrics


"World Town"


Hands up
Guns out
Represent the world town

Sick of all the shit that's keeping me down
Dead from the waist down
It's easy staying down
I never thought about it twice
But you do pay the price
It aint your weekly cash that feeds my mum the rice

Yo don't be calling me desperate
When I'm knocking on the door
Every wall you build I'll knock it down to the floor
See me see me bubbling quietly
See me see me acting like you ain't met me
See me see me bubbling quietly
See me see me acting like you ain't met me

Hands up
Guns out
Represent the world town

Look at what you did, you done it before
Every little dollar just keeps me down more
I never had you on my side bubbling on my side
Why they tell me different
When they make me explodified

Yo dont be calling me desperate
When i'm knocking on the door
Every wall you build i'll knock it down to the floor
See me see me bubbling quietly
See me see me acting like you ain't met me
See me see me bubbling quietly
See me see me acting like you ain't met me

Hands up
Guns out
Represent the world town

[ www.azlyrics.com ]

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Temple: A Green Nightclub

There are many reasons why Temple has become the new home of our party, World Town. One reason that I wanted to highlight is that Temple is a totally green nightclub...check it out!!


Greening Zen Compound:

Tired of the traditionally wasteful nature of the hospitality industry, in 2004 Paul Hemming, owner and founder of Zen Compound, set his sights on creating the greenest nightclub in the world. The result: Hemmings created the foundation for a living, breathing hub for recreation, culture and education that strictly adheres to the triple bottom line of People, Profit and Planet.

Current Initiatives:

Massive carbon emission reductions been seen since Hemmings hired Mike Zuckerman as Director of Sustainability in January 2007:

Recycling initiatives:

* Intensive recycling and composting facilities --71% of the building's waste is recycled or composted
* All events are "low-to-zero waste" – no petroleum-based products allowed (corn cups and straws)
* All used kitchen grease is donated to www.gotgrease.org for bio-diesel fuel preparation.

Energy initiatives:

* PG&E Energy Audit – Zen Compound is retrofitting all lighting and will receive a $17,000 rebate
* PG&E's ClimateSmart™ voluntary climate protection program – Zen Compound and PG&E work to neutralize the company's energy use.

Leadership/Partnerships/Strategic Alliances:

* Business Council on Climate Change (BC3) – Mike Zuckerman sits on the BC3 advisory council, heads a key working group and hosts member events.
* Partnerships for Change – Zen Compound has donated a permanent office space and hosted events for them.

Plans for the Future:

* The installation of vertical gardens to re-green the urban landscape
* Piezoelectric dance floor that harnesses dancers' energy and converts it into electricity
* Building integrated solar panels whereby photovoltaic cells are built into the building's façade
* Resource monitoring systems to manage and set targets for utility use
* An urban wind-mill to generate wind-powered energy

Hosting Green Achievers:

Since January 2007 hundreds of space donation beneficiaries have attended events hosted free of charge at the Zen Compound

* BC3 all-member meeting,
* John Edwards political rally
* The Tibetan Oracle on his first public visit to the United States

Monday, February 18, 2008

Awesome vs. Awesome...DRS vs Boyz II Men

OK the most superly bad and slightly awesome showdown between the best of the best of boy bands in the 90's...

"Gangsta Lean

DRS "Gansta Lean" Video

And we all wondered why we pour a little for our hommies...


Boyz II Men, "End of the Road"

Boyz III Men
"End of the Road..."

Awesome vs. Awesome ... Battle of the Initials...TLC vs. MIA

Ok...the Diva showdwon is on...

MIA Galang vs TLC Baby Baby Baby...divas of their time pitted agains each other in an era of exciting democratic primaries!!!

With her 80's outfit, super modernistic and real art with art with new age dance moves we present...



"Baby Baby Baby"
With their innovative 90's outfits before they got broke and Left Eye died in a plane crash and hella innovative flow for the early

OK so unfortuneately TLC does not allow the EMBED version of their video so click the link below to watch the rival viedo....

TLC "Baby Baby Baby..."

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Awesome vs. Awesome...Gangsta Rap Showdown...

Ok the ultimate awesome gangsta rap showdown...do you go with Dre and the Chronic where Snoop got his start...or the most legit ghetto anthem where Snoop becomes his own man...

Dr. Dre feat Snoop Dog

"Nuttin but a G Thang"

The Chronic

The girl in this video may still be the #1 scantly clad perfectly bitchy looking video hoe that makes everyone super stoked to see to hommies douse her with frosty ice cold 40s straight out of the 40 oz only fridge!!!


Snoop Dog

"Gin and Juice"

You know a lot of this didnt really make sense to my uncorrupted mind when I first got down to these songs when I was 12...it all makes sense to me now!!!

PS...What ever happened to music videos...they sure dont be makin them like this no more, shoot...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Barack Obama Ringtones!!!

Get yours today!!!


Barack Obama Ringtones

And donate to help save the world...

and new Yes We Can Video...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Silk Road of Life...

Its kind of a funny story, and I guess maybe good, (or not so good) for Valentine's Day about how I once fell in love with a girl after she showed me a catalogue...Well I guess not just any catalogue, the Geographic Expeditions bi annual catalogue...the most beautiful catalogue this side of the fashion spectrum. She turned the pages ever so delicately as if they were gold foil and would crumble if you didnt treat them with respect. But I must give Geographic Expeditions credit for their beauty and eloquence in their catalogue. I fell in love with a girl as we drifted from one corner to another, basking in their pages from Patagonia to Azerbaijan, Burma to Borneo and back...My love for her that night also opened the doors to a potential future career path, adventure travel and eco-tourism. As an avid traveler and prophetic fan of languages and culture and striving to succeed in different societies, I can dream of nothing better than to be able to get paid to travel. Looking at that catalogue made me want to travel to small villages in Mongolia, something I had thought of and then pushed aside as ludircris because who in their right mind would WANT to go to Outer Mongolia...I do...an apparently at least a handful of prriveledged GeoEx clients as they feature a Mongolia trip.

I have always wanted to be a travel writer for Lonely Planet or Rough Guide, but instead started my blog that has been far from any real travel writing I planned on doing...I fled to Brasil to start my own eco-friendly bed and breakfast and interviewed for the job of a lifetime as a trip-leader for Backroads. Now, Ironically almost exactly 1 year after we broke up and have tragically not spoken...I sit on the eve of an interview with that very same company that started it all...Geographic Expeditions...And whether or not I get the job, its still nice to be able to know that when i cast my line out into a hole where I think there should be fish, if you are patient enough and use the right fly, you might just catch the big one....now its time to reel it in!!!

Go to www.geoex.com and maybe you too will fall in love...

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chirst Struck by Lightning...

The worlds largest Jesus statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, was struck by lightning yesterday. The "Cristo Redentador" sits atop the Corcovado mountain overlooking the city and is 130ft tall, is made of 700 tons of reinforced concrete and stands atop the 2,296ft mountain. The lightning did not cause any damage to the statue but may reinforce some faith among Christians. Muslims and Jews are dubbing the event as a farce and a Christian ploy to convert their waning numbers in their churches, espically the Catholic church. Evangelicals and scientists are on the same page that the sheer height of the statue looms as a beacon for the plasma matter to strike the obvious target. "I was just having some fun, stir up society a little bit and see how people react when I strike a statue of my own son," said God in the post lightning incident. Tours will reopen today, and vigils will be head for those who have ever questioned their faith in the Allmighty...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Only the Cool Kids Take Their Mom to the Club!

My wonderful, beautiful, loving and caring mother, the best mother of all, is also the coolest mother because she accompanies her sons to the SF nightlife industry after hours party. The only other mother known to do so is boast the coolest girl in San Francisco, the illustrius slide door girl, Becky. Not only that our mothers went to Insomnia, but they drank and danced the night away into morning ending with a trip to an early morning taco truck to scarf down a super burrito at 6 am. Much love and respect to the cool kids and their wonderful and loving mothers...

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Fun in February!!!

Saturday Trevor's Birthday Extravagganza!!! Ruby Skye and After Hours at Insomnia...Booyacachaça..


Trevor, Trent, Blake, Aliza, Vinicius and Rico Present World Town: FEBRUARY 23 @ TEMPLE



Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Tuesday Tomorrow

Super Tuesday States...Plaese Vote Tomorrow

A proportional map of our Electoral College...

Al Young...California Poet Laureate


“I used to paint dots. Very neat ones. Not anymore. Wild woman now.”
— Mary McLean, celebrated Aboriginal painter of Western Australia

What you see isn’t all you get: night moves the sky
of mind aside enough to let imagination gush in.

Remember the last time you got quiet, then got high
on Mayan, Nubian, African stuff? Grecian? Russian?

Remember how the child-you stepped through scenes
without leaving a trace, your eyeprints all that mattered,

your cave-art heart the clearing ground? Soul cleans
away debris so we can see and feel the heart shattered

under a blanket of daylight come back to hunt us
where we live. If you can touch Hatshepsut with an eye,

then jump to John Brown just before he confronts us
with his death, then you can lose the your, the my

you see as us alone. Most seeing is a mausoleum
laid out with memory-traces, fictions with no breath.

Can death be ore than yet another mask? The Dogon
of Mali, they’ve mastered the mysteries of Sirius B, a star

astronomers stumbled on just recently. To log on
in real-time, turn up at the Art of Africa exhibit (not far

from the pre- and post-amnesiac Americas, or New
Guinea, Indonesia, Polynesia, Central Asia, dream-time

Australia). Wrap your spirit around sculpture the big you
knows already by feel and by heart. Why nickel and dime

your love-leaning, meaning-hungry, beauty-starved self?
Bury the thought-smart you just long enough to stun and wow

the being-you: a living stream of light. Wade in the wealth
of unfathomable years whose moments you can only know as now.

Al Young

(from Coastal Nights and Inland Afternoons: Poems 2001-2006)

Commissioned by San Francisco’s deYoung Museum of Fine Arts to celebrate its spectacular re-opening of 15 October 2005.

Al Young' Website