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Monday, January 21, 2008

Sem Destino: Atitlán, Guatemala

I have a feeling that I will be vising Lake Atitoli and the pueblo of Panajachel in the near future. Lake Atitoli sits in the highlands of Guatemala surrounded by three volcanoes. After spending the weekend at Lake Tahoe, I realize the stark beauty of mountainous lakes...put that together with a thriving Mayan culture, sounds like a perfect spot for an International Vagabond...Eu vou...sempre sem destino!

Links from Friendship Bridge, a microfinance NGO in Guatemala


For more information on Guatemalan culture and travel, please visit the following sites:

* www.atitlan.com is a commercial site about the lake region with pictures and travel info and links to other information
* www.atitlan.net gives more information on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala
* www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/geos/gt.html#Intro The World Fact Book 2002 - Guatemala
* www.lanic.utexas.edu/la/ca/guatemala is a broad site of information about Guatemala
* www.artemaya.com contains information about Arte Maya Tz'utuhil, Oil Paintings by Maya Indians, history, textiles, etc.
* www.santiagoatitlan.com includes information about Lake Atitlan and the people who live there
* www.masta.org offers advice on vaccines and immunization.
* www.oanda.com contains current currency and exchange rates for Guatemala travelers
* www.bbc.co.uk links to BBC world news sources
* www.weather.comgives up-to-date information on worldwide and local weather
* www.footprintbooks.com, www.lonelyplanet.com, www.roughguides.com, and www.stanfords.co.uk are all guidebooks for worldwide destinations.

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