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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Is the Press Scared of Obama?!...The People Arent!

After the Republican Primary in South Carolina, where John McCain emerged as the new GOP front runner, I noticed a tremendous amount of press attention dedicated to this new development. However, after Barack Obama cleanly swept through South Carolina a week later, only mentions of him winning were in the press, I saw more interviews with Rudy Guliana and Hillary Clinton on the Sunday politics shows like Meet the Press and Face the Nation. In our media that attached to the old regime? Are the voters that confident to vote for Obama? When will the media take note of a potential drastic change...Which brings me to my other topic, change...we all hear the word change way too much now, and it has become the satirical buzz word. However satirical one may use it, I hope that Americans, especailly non traditionally voting Americans, can make a statement during this primary season. Voters like the friends I have made here in the Bay, of different ethnicities and origins, 2nd generation Americans, yet hold strong to their heritage and culture. Yet they are born raised and educated here, it is their home, our home, and now we have found a true candidate to represent the people...thats right for the first time since Kennedy, America can be a real nation, united under a true leader an innovator and someone who can unite a country that has not been United in far too long. Maybe it will exile all the old cronies who have been in power, media included, so if their short and scathing tactics cant overpower the voters, then maybe they will be forced to embrace..think about rating then!!!

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derek said...

Check it out: Common endorses Obama... click the video on he lower right: