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Friday, January 04, 2008

Awesome vs. Awesome pt 2: LL Cool J "I Need Love" vs. "Hey Lover" (song vs. video)

I remember when my roommate, Derek, and I would somehow manage to get a couple girls in our handicapped room on the first floor of JBKO at GW and put on the instrumental to this song and woo them to death!!!


"I Need Love"

when making your awesome decsion give justice to simply the song for A and the Video for B


"Hey Lover"

Nothin better about makin a whole somg about a girl you see at the bus stop everyday...creating a whole reality for her, which may or may not be true at all...I think I might relate to that..and definitely thinking about, "Toning you down wit...uh..vanilla ice cream..."

Which is more awesome, or has more mac...I dont know..
Love and Respek

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