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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year! Wolrd Wide Day of Hungoverness...

Happy New Year, Im sure the whole world partied hard yesterday, lets take a look at how is going to continue the party....

From: www.pology.org

The World's Hardest Drinking Countries · Dec 1, 04:39 PM

A survey by the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development lists 2006’s top alcohol consuming countries as follows:

1) Luxembourg; 2) France; 3) Ireland; 4) Hungary; 5) Czech Republic; 6) Spain; 7) Denmark; 8) Portugal; 9) Switzerland; 10) Austria; 11) Germany; 12) United Kingdom; 13) Belgium; 14) Netherlands; 15) Australia.

The survey apparently accounts for per capita consumption of pure alcohol (as opposed to liters of beverage) from beer, wine, and spirits. In other words, despite appearances, simply having citizens that drink enormous steins of beer won’t land a country on the list.

What’s striking about this list is the absence of several notoriously hard-drinking countries of Eastern Europe. Forbes, which reports on the OECD survey, gives little clue as to the methodology used in gathering the data, but my sense that the “per capita” method is favoring (or damning, depending on how you look at it), countries with smaller, more homogenous populations in which men and women both imbibe regularly in social settings. The article also suggests that low alcohol taxes may help keep sales steady.

Russia, one of the countries not on the list, has high taxes on vodka and a younger generation that frequently favors beer over the hard stuff. This may in part be why Russia appears to have sobered up. (Indeed, while in Russia, I met many young people who were terrified of alcoholism and abstained from spirits all together.) However, the country also has a rollicking black market for those looking to enjoy a zapoi at a lower price. Among the under the table intoxicants not accounted for in the OECD study: samagon (moonshine), mouthwash, and cologne.


If I were to make my own, the list would probably be different...the whole notion of a shady per capita measurement renders this list null for me...


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