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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Capitalism at its Finest...Too Soon?

Well, I may be cynical and jealous conspiracy theorist, but I do believe that there exists an island out there with really awesome people who are so famous or popular that their only thing left to do in life is fake their death...and this is done because they are accepted to "The Island"...A place where no one else knows about and the greatest people in the world are selected to live on, and can only be achieved by a highly publicized fake death that leaves people wondering...For example, I believe that 2 Pac, Biggie, Aaliyah, Marley, Hendrix, and Presley are all there among many others...Trent Reznor tried to go, but decided to come back...and now quite possibly Heath Ledger...or maybe not, but look at what consumerism is doing in light of his alleged death...

From email forward and link


Yesterday evening, only a few hours after the tragic passing of Heath Ledger, we received this e-mail from reader Don T., who stumbled across a thoughtfully arranged makeshift Heath Ledger Tribute at his local Best Buy in Mission Valley San Diego. A small sign, created by the company’s finest 1998-era laser printer, informs its customers that they should “Remember a Great Actor Through Great Performances”, tastefully suggesting that customers — who may not have even been aware of his passing — grieve the only way they know how: By reliving the romantic hijinx that is 10 Things I Hate About You.

Take a look at this tribute, and then ask yourself: Too soon?

Or my own idea: a Heath Ledger Variety Pill Pack, Candy and Ledger all in one!...Too Soon? Yea, probably...

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