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Heavenly Light
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Friday, December 21, 2007

Writer Strike

Well I guess I might have caught a bug of the Writer Strike going on. However, not being paid for my writing, I guess it doesnt really make a difference, that must be the true calling of a writer, just to write, or not write...who cares if you are right...or wrong, or left... However, for me, with the moon nearing full again, and a lot of effort put into executing a very new and innovative idea in parties and entertainment, working hard and reflecting on the past year...I hope that I, myself, can take a moment to look back at appreciating everything from my loving family, to wonderful friends, and everyone and anything that inspires, and may it manifest itself into creative and productive ways to really make a change...

Thank you!!!

Happy Holidays?!

Peace, love, passion and compassion....

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