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Monday, December 31, 2007


So there were some blogs that I always wanted to write, but for some reason or another, never got around to do doing it...Maybe its because I was without a laptop for so long...maybe its becuase I was lazy or maybe it was because I simply wanted to keep my thoughts to myself and not post them for the rest of the world to potentially see, at some time or another...

Which brings me to my main subject...time...

As I mentioned before, the blog I wanted to write was on the day of Daylight savings, on the subject of time...and how arbitrary our society has made it

One day a year we set our clocks backwards one hour, another day we set them ahead one hour, How absurdly constructed does that make the notion of time feel?! If for one day we all simply agree that the world will automatically be one hour ahead of schedule...for what reasons...except for ancient ones like farming...And then to even note further that the whole notion of time is obsolete because some cities, or districts or states do not cooperate in one or the other, for half of the year one living in Colorado may be 4 hours ahead of one living in Brasilia but the other half of the year only 2 hours, where as if they were living in Brasilia for example they would be only having a difference of 2 and three hours respectively because Brasilia only complies with one daylight savings....

In any, thats more or less what I wanted to write on daylight savings...I mean really...one day I can get home at the same time and be late for curfew, but one day out of the year you can simply try to pull the daylight savings card and stay out 2 extra hours beyond curfew...make your mother worried, but then play it off on the stratigic change of the clocks///

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