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Friday, November 23, 2007

World Town: Blank Slate pt. 1

Our household obsession with MIA has grown to really investigate her life in order to completely comprehend and her art, music and life that has manifested in some of the most innovative and creative music in the world.

So, my brother and I, well educated white boys from a flourishing bubble in middle America, Boulder CO, have been analyzing our situation. Me, if you dont know already, have extremely left politics, marxist in a sense...call me up, take me to coffee or buy me a drink and we can talk about a utopian society. So, granted my background doesnt come from a broken household fighting a resistance against a governmental oppressor...but it does have roots within a very socially active family, from my grandfather who has spent a lifetime typing his thoughts to be published, from Life Magazine to his novel on the Civil War the only liberal columnist in Orange County. My father, and his brothers and sisters, the only democrats to come out of Wyoming, moved to Boulder Colorado during the 60's and organized anti-Vietnam protests and coordinated draft dodging. I bounced to Paraguay when I was 17, right at the time where it was the only nation that openly harbored terrorists outside of the Middle East and Africa...my neighbor always tried to raz me saying that he was Osama, I would always encourage it and tell him that I felt the real reasons for terrorist movements and western societies exploitation of the rest of the world was wrong and needed to be changed...granted I dont feel that crashing a plane into the world trade centers may be the best idea...but if you look at the scope in comparison to the genocides and resistance movements or dictator oppression, that was an extremely effective way to be heard.


In Paraguay I learned the qualities of life, in a country where the government plays little to no roll, and the so called leaders that are in place are the most corrupt people in the business. We would swindle our way into a crate of beer, cheap bottle s of whiskey and 3-4 cups for the whole crew to pass around...learning spanish in conjunction with Guaraní. The indigenous language has almost died out in common use as Spanish is the official language, and very few communities still exist that speak only Guarani. However, it is interesting to see how the dialect has adapted itself within the culture. A lot of slang is actually said in Guarani, for the langauge innovators, as I like to call them, Guarani is full of fun words that mean things more easily expressed in another language.

I often swear in other languages, sometimes my brother looks at me like I am crazy, but for me having lived in certain circumstances and becoming accustomed to using those terms, my instinct to curse may be in a variety of impulsive words from different languages in a strange order...

I love to communicate with people who speak the same langauge and find nuances in their different dialects...on a basic level, a girl from Argentina talking to a Brazilian saying the phrase "hey you" and using 4 differnt forms of the word "you": vos, tu, voce and you.

So I guess to sum this one up, its nice living in the United States as just another White Boy, becuase I can be a language innovator. I remember testing out of grammar hour in 8th grade, with only other girl, the smartest girl in the school. We would get to go to the library for free time...she would study for her next class and I would sit there writing rhymes in my poetry book...two different minds that have a knack for language manifested in different ways. Now I hang out with my brother late at night and at our house with our friends from around the world, differnt backgrounds, and curious to learn about each other's roots. Whether Muslim, Brazilian, Mexican or just pure White Bread from Colorado...we all have a little we can offer as the true members of this World Town... We be piumin all over dis World Town...Poowoop....Quuuuuuuuueue!



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