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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Myth Busted! Wizard of Oz vs. Pink Floyd

Ok...so we are having Thanksgiving dinner with my family and some friends I have met since I have moved to the Bay Area. We had a tremendous 7 dish dinner and we in search of some evening entertainent. My friend Nadine brought over her HD projector and the Wizard of Oz DVD...We all had heard the legend that if you play Pink Floyd, "The Wall" in conjuction with the Wizard of OZ, it lined up to make a completely new interpretation of the movie. Thus with the two elements in place, downloaded the Wall and queued up the movie to the 3rd Lions roar in the MGM intro...

That shit works!!!

It may not always be in sync with the movie, and with CDs, DVDs, MP3s the timing gets a little off, so you have to spend the whole time analyzing with your family and friends when to pause and play real quick to get it right back on track...But let me just say that when Dorothy has her conversation with the Crystal Ball Guy, and when "We dont Need No Satifaction" comes on and the muchkins dance along with the beat, there is inevitable proof that the Myth/Legends?realizty of the Wizard of Oz secretly being linked to The Wall is for sure worth your time, in at least a few cheers wihen things do line up!!! Trust me, if you doubt the myth at all like I did, give it a chance, just be sure to cue up your movie in sync with your music...the start of the album starts right at the 3 roar of the lion...HAVE FUN!!!

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Mirabelle said...

I always wondered if this was true. Definitely going to have to check it out now.